Sunday, March 28, 2010

No really, I did not want a good education anyways so it is cool.

No, it is cool I wanted to be dumb anyways. Public education is a huge issue for all Americans, even if they are not in school. Majority of students in high school are enrolled in the public education school system. This means that future generations are being molded by the system, faculty and teachers. But, like everything in life there are issues to this system.

With the new healthcare bill coming out, this is no time for the government to slack on education. However, despite the bad timing, thousands of teachers are predicted to be laid off by the end of this year and huge budget cuts are eliminating the arts in schools. This is simply depressing. To know a government could care less about the very generations that will one day be in the positions they are is disheartening.

Not only is the system suffering but the students are as well. Tax payers are paying teachers who don’t deserve to teach. This is not saying that all teachers do not deserve to teach but there are certainly those out there that should never be given the power of education. Due to the union virtually protecting every teacher from getting fired, and the outrageous number of restrictions placed on teachers, their jobs are challenging, underpaid, and restricting.

To top off the education dumpster, government is trying to shut down the drop out machines. They are trying to shut down the schools with high drop out rates. Yes, this is good in theory but, where are the children supposed to go if they were not planning on dropping out? They are expected to wake up extra early and shuttle their way to a higher ranking school. Higher ranking school almost always translates as a school with wealthier parents feeding all of the booster clubs with endless amounts of cash. Fair? I think not.

It would be awesome if the government could actually go back to being democratic. Loosen up the rules, let teachers teach, and do not excused those who are not striving to help out future generations gain the most knowledge they can in one hour. Standards for students should be increased and the school should have a support system to encourage students in life.

The staff’s attitude is directly a resultant of the administration. That, I think, is half the battle. If you get a positive, nurturing environment, the school will be more likely to thrive educationally because the students will be happier and more willing to work for people that believe in them. Speaking of happiness, Music and arts is a major factor of happiness and cutting that out of elementary schools will only hinder the talent of students. Music helps to release the frustration students feel on a daily basis in schools and resultantly, students end up with higher test scores.


  1. Danie makes a good point when pointing out that the government might not think about our generation as much as it should because one day we will be taking their jobs. I also agree with her point on having a positive, nurturing environment because that makes a lot of difference, and giving the students a support system.

  2. Danie,
    I think you make an excellent point. I agree that their cutting the wrong teachers and keeping the ones that have no right to consider themselves educators. I also agree that the removing of arts programs is a disgrace and extremely disheartening. That kind of action only hurts the youth of America. The youth that is one day going to run this country.
    I think that the tactics used to educate Americans right now is the wrong one and that educators need to reevaluate the solutions they've put forward because obviously these solutions are only making things worse.
    Even more I couldn't have said better the disappointment and disapproval I have for schools that are being shut down for high drop out rates and low test scores. Those handful of children who want to succeed will have a hard enough time excelling in a bad environment but a different one would make all of that even worse.
    I think you did a fantastic job addressing the issues that obviously plague the system we have right now.

  3. I agree with Danie. I believe that the government doesn't remember that one day, the children being taught in schools today will take over. If the government keeps cutting back, then eventually, the country will be ran straight into the ground.

    I am also a believer in the art and music programs. These classes help students relax and destress. It is an outlet for most students. If those classes get cut out, where will these students find their talents? In all the other classes, there is no room for creativity.