Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Education is what our society thrives off of. Improvements are steadily made through out the years. The level of education directly corresponds with the place in society that the individual can rise to. Without education, life wouldn’t be anywhere close to the same as it is today. Since the age of man started, there has always been some form of education.
Today public education is very widespread. Some may say that it is second rate education or that it should be discontinued. This would be a fatal mistake for anyone to make. Public education ensures that there are opportunities presented to those that otherwise would not receive any education. It provides our society with equal chances for everyone, no mater what their background maybe. This directly corresponds to the American Dream that so many have. With free education, every student has the opportunity to rise to the occasion and make something of them.
Public education was established in the 18th century to provide equality among the classes in our nation. This act even helped prevent the continuation of separation of the classes. With out a nationally controlled system in place, there would be no way to ensure that the future of the country is learning all that would be required for good decisions to be made. We cannot let our nation slip up simply because kids don’t know what they are talking about.
An age old debate rages on between private and public education. Some say private is better. I don’t really understand the difference because it seems to be only different and has to be paid for. The students have to follow strict uniform rules and receive slightly more work. In the public school system, it may be true there is less work. However, there are no major visible differences. Public education is free and provides transportation for each student. This is actually better because along with this, there are numerous opportunities for colleges to look at the students and provide scholarships for those that need it. In private schools, there are still similar prospects but it seems to be more prevalent within the public school systems.
Having been in a private school for a majority of my school life, I understand the system and how it works. Entering public school for high school led me to believe that there are very few differences in the two. I can honestly say that the students appear happier within the public school system. I personally enjoy public schools more than their counterpart.
Public schooling is just as good as the private education, but with out the personal costs and uniforms. These systems of education have led to many benefits with in the nation and have improved conditions in countless lives. No one can doubt the change and affect schools have had in almost everyone’s’ life. These establishments should never be taken down. The only thing they need is a constant evolvement of the curriculum taught. Public schools are one of the greatest things our nation could do for its people.

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