Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Entry

Long weekends make me so happy, but I wish that our days off would be on Mondays instead of Fridays because everyone would much rather sit through school on a Friday than on a Monday. But, that’s just my opinion. Wait, this is my journal, why did I just say that was my opinion? Of course it is my opinion; that is what this whole journal thing is about anyways. Alright, I guess it’s about time that I stop my meaningless chatter and actually start to type something a little more substantial. Substantial. That reminds me of the words surfeit and satiate from our “words of the day” last semester, for some reason the meanings of those words stuck with me the most. I have no earthly idea why; I guess they were just some of the easier ones? Yeah, I don’t know that was random. I feel like I have nothing else to write about in my journals. Like, I think I have written about almost everything there is to write about so now every time I write something I just feel like I’m rambling. Which, I guess I am rambling, but isn’t that kind of what journals are? They’re just a somewhat random conglomeration of thoughts I spastically type onto my Microsoft word document at approximately 7:33 on a Sunday evening. Ha, that was a pretty good sentence. Do I get a smiley face for that one Mr. Glenn? Just kidding, well sort of, ha-ha anyways…hmm half way done with my journal. Sweet.

So this weekend I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the movie theater. I actually though it was pretty good for a Disney movie. I was a little bit skeptical going in seeing as though it was a Tim Burton movie, but I have to admit it was actually pretty decent and definitely worth the extra dollar fifty to see it 3-D. There were a few parts that I thought were a bit cheesy and could have been cut from the movie, but all in all I thought the movie was respectable. I thought Johnny Depp was an exceptional Mad Hatter and the actress who played Alice also did a nice job portraying her character’s vast imagination and innocence.

So, this week should be interesting with the whole reversed schedule and the graduation tests. I am just so sick of being tested. I can’t wait until this year is over and I can be done with taking the SAT, ACT, and these dumb EOCTs and graduation tests. Like, if I have made it through school thus far, I don’t think the state of Georgia should have to test me on things I learned in 9th grade. I obviously passed my biology EOCT, so why do I have to be tested on it again? I really don’t understand all these mandatory tests we are forced to partake in. I think the SAT/ACT is the biggest joke ever because it tests the students ability to take tests and finish in a timed interval more than it actually tests ones capability of understanding material. Ugh, this just all stresses me out so much.

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