Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journal 03.14.10

Every time I went to a movie theatre, I would see a poster of Johnny Depp with a clown makeup on his face. Knowing how his movies were mostly interesting, I decided to watch it when it comes out. But the movie did not come out for a while; the posters were up there too early, and I think that makes people’s expectation grow even higher. After having a short Alice time during first period last Friday, I wanted to watch Alice in Wonderland even more. Remembering how weird and colorful the animation version of Alice in Wonderland was, I was expecting something even better than the animation from decades ago. Before I went to watch the movie, I heard from people that it is the worst movie ever and I should not waste my money on such horrible 3D movie. That made me hesitate, but since I have wanted to watch it for such a long time, I decided to watch it, just not in 3D.
The beginning of the movie seemed similar to Pirates of the Caribbean for me. Maybe it’s just the dresses. Anyways, Alice was stuck in a situation she does not want to be in. She wants to escape from the situation, and that is when she sees the white rabbit jumping around her. She follows the white rabbit and falls into a dark long rabbit hole, just as she did about ten years ago. But she does not remember her past experiences. It turns out that the white rabbit brought her back in order to save the Wonderland. Apparently Alice is the only person who can slander the evil dragon looking creature. Alice does not believe that she is “the Alice” who can save the Wonderland by slandering a creature. She disapproves of the Wonderland by believing that it is all only her dream, and tries to wake herself up by pinching. As the period of time she stays get longer, she sees the trouble the creatures in the Wonderland are going through because of the evil Red Queen and decides that she will save the Wonderland. For some reason, mostly all creatures in Wonderland seem to like Alice, even the violent pet of the Red Queen. In the end of course the story is a happy ending and the Wonderland is saved; Alice follows her dream from childhood instead of following what the people around her arranged for her.
The movie was pretty colorful, but that was mostly it. The plot was something that so many movies have already used, and nothing was so special about the movie. Johnny Depp of course fitted perfectly as the Hatter, but every other character seemed too similar to those that were in the original version of Alice in Wonderland, except the fact they were in 3D. Maybe my expectation was too high because they were advertising the movie for such a long time, but then I did not expect that much after hearing how horrible it was from people. Maybe little kids in elementary school will enjoy this movie.

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