Sunday, March 14, 2010

im tired

The ending of the Great Gatsby was really dumb. Gatsby was murdered which was really quick and pointless. I wanted to see a big fight between him and Tom. I think it would be a good fight. I would put my money on Gatsby because he has military training and the had to teach him hand to hand fighting. Tom is just a rich guy who rides a horse. Gatsby would go all out on Tom and beat him so bad. It would be fighting to keep Daisy so he would do anything to win. If they were in a house I defiantly see one of them grabbing a vase or glass. Tom’s manipulation on Daisy is really annoying. He just talks her into staying with him. Somebody needs to sneak into the house walk up to her and smack her in the face to wake her up to see life the way it really is. When this person smacks her, he or she needs to extend her hand and spread the fingers out in order to cover the most area on Daisy’s face during contact. Hopefully, with the proper technique of face slapping, he or she can make a true impact on her and wake her up to smell the roses. The place he was shot was so bad. People go to pools to relax and escape from the stress of life; he went there to relax and was killed there. Come on! He just wanted to relax, was shooting him really necessary. He was shot in the back to. The killer should have manned up and not be a wimp and shot him facing him. It would have been more entertaining with a struggle or something in Gatsby’s final moments. Like a few face slamming into the windows or something in that nature. Not just BAM Gatsby is dead then kills himself.
In As I lay Dieing. Cash has a so-called cast put on his leg to try to stop the bleeding by his family pouring cement around his splints. These people are true idiots. When I read about the cement I was dumb founded and thought what a bunch of idiots. It has been nine days since Addie died and I bet her body smells quite attractive right about now. The family needs to hurry up and let her body come acquainted with dirt in her grave. They need to hurry, the worms wont bite. Just get her body under the ground. The scene where Jewel picks a fight was really funny. I was like stab him!!!!! Unfortunately they didn’t fight which is really annoying. The man had a right to not like the fact they are carrying a dead rotting corpse around town with them, which is just not natural at all. So what am I going t talk about now. O OK I GOT IT!!! An allusion mid term thing is coming up in class. THAT SUCKS!!! I am ok with a allusions thing but not a mid term. GOD PLEASE SHOOT ME!!! Ok I am at 500 so on to the second part of this writing thing.

I have been relaxing all weekend. We were off Thursday and I really did not have much homework, plus I left my backpack at school. O DARN!! WHAT A SHAME LEFT IT AT SCHOOL. I am currently working on this game board for physics class. We have to build this game board and have wires and lights and switches on it. It is like a game show board. You have a question and answers for a participant. They push a switch next the answer they think is correct and a white light glows if they are right or a red light glows up if they are wrong. WOW I AM WATCHING GOLDFINGER AND THIS ASIAN GUYS HAT CUT THROUGH A STATUE WHEN HE THREW IT. I want that hat!!!! Anyway, all our games have been cancelled this weekend because the field is covered in water and its raining. What would a little mud do to a bunch of teenagers!! LET THE BOYS PLAY!!! I love playing in the mud because it is fun and dirty. Watching people slide in the mud is actually entertaining to watch because they get up and spit mud out of their mouths and wipe their faces off. Trust me, its funny to watch but not so much fun being the person sliding; I would know from person experience. We were suppose to play Milton, the team I hit a homerun on. I WANTED TO PLAY SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO BAD!!!! We were suppose to play Creek view also. I do not know if they are good or not. Milton is really good and we lose to them last time. I want to beat them badly so they shut up for once. Milton is very cocky. Their school is really nice, it has giant white columns in the front. Their Baseball field is really nice also. Our field is really nice too. There are no lips on the infield. I Baseball lip is where the grass is higher then the dirt and causes a ground ball to bounce like crazy in any direction. A lot of groundballs hitting fielders in the face are due to lips on the field. Our couch is going to keep our field flat by bringing in a roller to flatten it. We also might play a game at Turner Field, which would be amazingly awesome. This week coming up is Georgia High School Graduation Test. It is four days long, which is not any fun at all. I took the SAT on Saturday for five hours so I do not really need to test again, especially four days in a row for two and a half hours each day. The periods are switched in order and I am going to miss Physical Education and math. Missing math is not exactly a horrible thing but Physical Education is. I love that period. One of the Baseball couches is my teacher in it.

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