Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journal Entry 3/15/10

This past week our soccer team here at Johns Creek had a crushing defeat against Grady High School. They weren't even that good of a team but they did work hard and that's why they won the game (and our team didn't perform to its potential). The following day our Coach had a little 15 minute meeting with us and was not happy at all. He claimed to be the most pissed he had ever been at a soccer game due to our lack of effort which I could understand. The next practice we had was supposed to be intense and strict but it was just another boring practice incomparable to the practices that my club team has. They are a lot more intensive and benefit-producing.
I finally got around to making my senior year schedule today even that was supposed to be done like 3 weeks ago. I think I have a good balance of difficulty for senior year that coordinates to my academic strengths. I'm taking the Georgia Tech math, regular language arts, ap physics c, spanish 4, and the rest are electives. I got sucked into taking intro to art and music appreciation because I have to have a total of a one year credit for visual or performing arts to go to school in California. I made plans this weekend to visit California this summer to go out and tour some colleges out there and attend Stanford's soccer camp in attempts to get recognized and get recruited. If all goes as according for my college plans, then I will be going to college on the West coast and playing soccer on a partial scholarship with a partial academic scholarship as well. The only negative about going so far away is the travel between and the costs of going to school out there. Its going to be very strenuous and expensive but its what I really want to do. I think that there is about a 70% chance that I will end up going out there but that 30% still exists that I'm going to stay close to home.
I'm watching a good episode of House right now on television and there isnt really much that I have to talk about so I'm guna describe the episode. There's this guy that is deathly ill and actually wants to die because he is disabled; this is a lot like Ramon Sampedro and right as I was typing that sentence something spectacular happened. They went in to the patients brain to remove a clot causing paralysis of his arm and after the procedure, he was able to feel his legs again. That's one thing about this show, its always full of twists and spins. I think it unrealistically portrays the life of a doctor though because they only use the rarest medical disorders and terms to describe them. Phonetically, it then sounds way more complicated and difficult than the average occupation, but because I want to be a doctor, I really like watching this show.

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