Sunday, March 28, 2010

Public Education

First off I would like to state that because of the area we live in it’s hard for us to understand how large the disparity is between public and private schools. In Johns Creek being a student at one of the public schools will guarantee you an equal, if not better, education in comparison to the private schools. Families move to our area solely to attend our schools and many kids switch from public to private schools when they reach high school because they can’t handle the competition and high standards. Everywhere else, however, the situation is terribly different. In many cities to get a good education you have to attend a private school. Many class sizes go from 500 kids freshman year to 400 senior year due to all of the dropouts. Many class sizes have an even larger drop than that. Public education has a reputation as having corrupted administration and teachers, low safety and meager methods of teaching. Regardless of these downfalls, it is absolutely necessary to keep public education in place and keep improving on it.

One of the things I find unfair about public education is the fact that if you go to a private school you still have to pay the same amount of taxes as the public school families. Private schools often cost up to $30,000 a year, which is ridiculous to begin with, and then to have to pay taxes to the public schools on top of that? Unfortunately, this is completely necessary seeing as the kids going to the private schools are often the wealthiest and therefore pay the most taxes whereas the kids actually going to the public schools make and pay less. Public schools are also run by the state, which I feel is better than the federal government controlling them because, hopefully, the Georgia officials are able to handle all of the however many schools in Georgia and maybe find a sense of pride in their state from improving them? Probably not the second one, but for the federal government to control all of the schools would be a terrible idea because there are just so many schools in the country and each state(maybe each city, I’m not sure) has their own standards for graduation, and it would be to much effort with not enough return to switch everything around now.

If I did not live in Johns Creek I would most likely go to a private school. Most other schools don’t offer the same number of AP or Honors courses and have less qualified teachers. Many have gangs, constant drug busts, and even metal detectors in a vain attempt to increase school safety. Johns Creek has such great schools because so much tax money is kept in the city and we have such motivated students. I think it’s safe to say that you’d be hard pressed to find another city where the public schools are considered more beneficial than most of the private schools. 


  1. Julia, first off, I give kudos to your bright font amongst the dreary, black background on the blogger. Well done!
    As for your entry, I agree with you one-hundred percent. We don't have a tight grasp on the concept of private schools since we live in such a nice area. (The majority of us that is). However, if any of us have traveled anywhere else in the country, even to visit our relatives, we do gain somewhat of a concept of other public schools. The fact that people enlisted in private school have to pay, is truly unfair. Yet, it does pay for me and you to go to school; paying is necessary.
    I could not find anything that I disagreed on.
    Good job! haa :)

  2. Why thank you Allison, especially for the kudos on my bright font, I thought it symbolized the laidback nature of my education perfectly. That being said, I would like to comment that your hair looked quite nice today and I saw Trevor after school and he told me he saw you at the concert on Friday.

  3. Well THANK YOU!
    and your hair... well SAMESIES! hahaaaaaa.
    How did that come about? Trevor doesn't attend the great Johns Creek!

  4. I was running after school and Sandra nearly ran me over in her monster car!!! So she proceeded to kidnap me on the grounds that we needed to go to NHS, so I obliged, under the impression that we were dropping off/picking up something important. Alas, this was not so, and I was forced to endure awkward social situations with her including the aforementioned Trevor conversation.

  5. ah, I see.
    kidnapping is illegal, YOU KNOW.