Thursday, March 25, 2010

HOORAY!!!!!!!! C:

Public education: what would we do without it? If it were gone, would everyone, therefore, have to pay for an education? That is completely ridiculous. I’m not sure I could find someone against public education. Even people in private school cannot say that it’s a bad thing (and if they do, then they need to open their eyes a little more). Do we want incompetent, illiterate people running around the street and failing at success? I don’t think so. Public education gives everyone the opportunity to become something. If everyone had to pay for education, so many people wouldn’t be going to school. People in lower-class situations would be affected the most by it. Paying for school couldn’t be an option for them and without getting an education; these people will be in a never-ending cycle of, say, poverty. People NEED to be educated, no matter what. I am personally not one that agrees with private education (for the area that we live in). Going to a private school around here doesn’t improve on children’s security or learnedness, does it? No. For the case of Johns Creek, the public school is just as good, if not better than, as the private schools in the area. So why pay the 50,000 dollars (or whatever the cost is)? It’s a simple, obvious choice. As for the less secure areas around the country, private school may want to be considered if you feel that your child’s safety is at risk or a better education can be obtained. The public schools in these areas may not be the ideal situations, but people are still receiving an education at the least and learn the fundamental things. Here we see that public education is completely necessary.
Since I’ve run out of ideas to express, I looked up the issues people have with the public school system. One problem was the funding and how the state controls it and not the federal government. I think that that’s okay. I’m not sure what effect it would have if we did have the federal government running the funding. I assume that if this happened, then every school system/ area would have equal amount of funding. This could eliminate the diversity of schools and their locations. Our schools would then equate with the monetary value of downtown Atlanta schools, correct? I suppose our schools would get worse and theirs would become better. I’ve decided that federal control of all schools is a bad idea. Secondly, another issue was that each system gets to choose the curriculum. I do see an issue with this since I think everyone should be getting the same fundamental classes. As for AP’s and electives, they should all be available; prerequisites should still apply, however.
I see nothing wrong with public education in general. If the quality of all schools were to improve, then nobody would be harmed by it. However, education should be carefully handled; bad decisions could have a great effect.


  1. From the very beginning to the end of her latest post, Allison has many good points. I completely agree with her ideas that public education is, in fact a good thing. The evidence she uses to support such claims backs up the argument and gives it strength. After reading this piece, I see the views from other sources and the conclusions she has reached are very logical and clear.
    The only part that I believe could be improved upon is the differences between public and private school. There is a clear difference in the level of education. From what I have personally seen, private schools give much more work and occasionally they will go in to greater details on their subjects.
    Allison clearly knows what she is talking about within this script. I have to say that it was even fun to read the opinions presented along with the facts. Aside from the little fact about private school education, I agree with everything she says.

  2. I agree with most of what allison argues in her blog. I definitely
    agree that public education is a good thing and should not be
    eliminated, but I don't think that eliminating the system would happen
    any time soon. I agree that the public education offered to us at
    Johns Creek High School is just as good as the education recieved at
    any of the local private schools, but the quality of education we
    recieve is higher than a lot of public schools in the state of Georgia
    because of the wealth that surounds our city. Though i agree that the
    public education system is a fine system, Allison seems to believe
    that it has very few faults which i think is incorrect. There are
    always ways in which education can be imporved and I think that public
    education is not exempt from that statement. To us, public education
    seems like a cheap way to recieve a top-level education, but the
    students in South Atlanta would probably like to differ. The
    facililities, opputunities, and supplies are very limited because of
    low budgets which I believe is unfair seeing as though many of the
    students in these areas need education the most. If we wish to
    increase our states literacy rate and test scores, we must place our
    money where we are truly hurting even if it mens subtracting a few
    smart boards from some of Johns Creeks privalaged classrooms.

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