Sunday, March 14, 2010

SAT anyone?

Oh the joy of taking the SAT. It is amazing how three letters put together can bring such fear, pain, unhappiness, depression, and feelings of failure in one’s life. I know I have said this before and I know I am going to be saying this until forever, or at least until I am done taking this thing: That one test should not determine how smart you are, or be one of the deciding points on what college you can get into or not. Colleges should look more at grades and GPA’s than SAT scores because they show more of what the student is capable of. Some people are just really bad test takers, but might have really good grades, but colleges only are looking for a good SAT score and so therefore the person is overlooked even thought they might be smart enough. I just have this thing against one test deciding a major point in your life. I mean kids really freak out about this thing and it is a ton of pressure to get a good score. Do you even realize how much money is made off the SAT? Like probably ridiculous amounts. Think about it: people spend around $50 just to sign up for the SAT, it’s mandatory. Do you know how many people take the SAT? A ton. And then all of this test prep business which is baffling. People spend so so so much money on just prepping their children for this test. I know, my parents are these people. We spend almost $100 a week getting me ready for this test. Do you know all of the better places this money could be going instead of prepping me for a stupid test that decides my future? Well I will not get into specifics, but a lot of different places. Then there are all of the books that people buy, the #2 pencils, the calculadoras (that is Spanish for calculator just for you information). I mean where does the madness stop? I think everyone needs to chill out and get rid of this test because I do not like it and I could make a pretty long list of other people who do not like it also, that would not take very long. So all of this being said: I took the SAT on Saturday. I took it at Chattahoochee and I was scared for my life. That school is extremely depressing and I would never want to go there. I think I did better this time than last though, well I hope I did, my parents as I said before are spending their precious money on my test preparation. Gosh I was so stressed, why do they do this to us? Don’t they know how stressed we already are at this time in our lives. It is ridiculous. I do not even know what to do with myself, I am very nervous for these scores. I really hope I do well so I don’t have to take it again.

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