Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hollyyy Shadobbee

Oh what a week leading into a dud of a weekend. This week I battled a cold, performed two shows (Mr. Glenn please do not repeat that to the attendance office I really was sick too), observed a dance company, found a prom dress, and applied at 298375 places for a job. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I have accomplished a lot this week. Plus, performing combined with the inspiration of a student run dance company has got motivation kicking me in the butt. To please my parents though, my grades need to sky rocket or everything will be taken away. Which is understandable, I mean they only push me because they know the goals I have set already for myself that they want to see me fulfill. Sometimes I just wish I was graded on effort and not actual procedures or facts learned through a book; I am much better at street smarts.

So let’s explore the dance company. Hopefully if all goes well at the informational meeting Thursday we will have plenty of people interested. I pray that skilled as well as non-skilled dancers show up. It would be uber awesome if a couple skilled dancers and I could start getting the non-skilled dancers a little more skilled so we could potentially put together a dance camp this summer. Yes, I am getting ahead of myself; No, I am not willing to sacrifice a week of feeling relaxed over the summer for a crazy, no sleep, and totally stressful week of Johns Creeks very own first dance camp. PLUS who can deny how much new apparel a dance company will need! Boy oh boy, I really need a job.

Okay on to tour show, besides the fact that I was heaving everytime I walked off stage, it was incredible! It helped me through musical withdraw for sure. Plus, my mom said that I have grown as a performer because of Guys and Dolls. That is huge especially because usually when I am in a show for as long as a year, I start just getting in the routine of the show instead of being in character for the show. So, to say that I improved upon the character and brought her to the next level really excited me. It reminded me again how much I love performing. Sometimes when I am not performing on a daily basis I let the memory of the love of performing slip from me and I get caught up in five thousand other activities. I just need to start figuring out how to get out there and actually start working as an actress in the industry. But first, School, grades, and surviving junior year. Hey, that would be a legit book title. Haha I crack myself up.

Prom, my unofficial date is dragging his feet but I think he is coming around. Hopefully he isn’t reading my blog.. that would be highly embarrassing. Oh shwell. I got a dress and it’s hott pink and really pretty and fun and I am so excited to wear it. I feel like every year I have one uped my dress from the year before and this year I have reached the ultimate fun dress. It is not skanky though which is good. Next year I will probably have to go the classic Hollywood route. I am going to focus on getting through this year first though. I better get my behind out of bed in the morning to work out on demand with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

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