Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorry Chase I Commented on Robert's instead.

While I appreciate Robert’s attempt to find a solution to poverty, I find his argument quite hypocritical. On one hand, Overholt proposes a solution to ridding the country of poverty by simply moving them into community homes with food, shelter, and opportunity. However, toward the end of his entry he brings up the idea that poverty is a result of the “natural cycles of life and economy”. If he is right, why then would people feel the need to empathize with those less fortunate and donate to community homes or rebuilding projects of inner city slums.

I would also like to address the fact that uprooting millions of people into other environments a. is not smart and b. has proved to be more costly to Americans trying to help then it actually helped. During the Vietnamese war American soldiers moved whole villages to new facilities with the intentions of providing a better way of living, instead the villagers were outraged and ultimately revolted against the Americans. The reason why students are enrolled in history classes is to educate future generations on mistakes in the past. This was a huge mistake made once by the USA military, let us not make it again.

As I read the summary of his plan for poverty, I felt like hugging Robert. He put into words all of the frustration many families and teenagers are feeling today with all the reforms. Overholt lay’s out the fact that people will not want to work hard to become wealthy if they are forced to automatically split their earnings in half for the average Joe next door that has done nothing to further himself economically. The situation will become increasingly sticky because who is to say what is too rich and what is living comfortably? Personally, if I am going to get slammed with taxes at eighteen and the tuition for college is going to sky rocket to the point where there is no hope of me going, I have little faith that working hard in high school or at a job will help that situation. I would wait for the government to take care of me because they have stifled my ability to take care of myself. And so the frustration of politics and humanity begin. Thanks Rob.

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