Sunday, March 14, 2010

Other Journal

Over all this was a pretty terrible weekend. First of all, the SAT pretty much ruins weekends. Not only do you have to wake up at like six thirty in the morning, but you’re also forced to think and read and write and bubble in stupid bubbles for three hours and thirty minutes. And it’s not like the break shortens the amount of time that I was forced to be inside a school on a Saturday. Post SAT test, I was feeling really tired as waking up early isn’t the ideal way to begin a Saturday. Consequently, I was apathetic and didn’t really care to do much for the rest of the day. The SAT also impacted my freedom for doing anything I wanted on Friday. My parents refused to let me go anywhere or do anything else other than do SAT practice tests all day. But I mean I have an Asian mom and a might as well be Asian dad, so what can I really expect.
But what really is the biggest downer is the stupid Day Light Savings, because the only thing worse than waking up at six forty-five is waking up at five forty-five. The hour wouldn’t make that much of a difference if I was privileged with the freedom to wake up at nine or ten o’clock, alas one can only dream… Consequently, I will no longer be able to stay up as late, because waking up early kind of means you have to go to bed early. Obviously, I could just stay up to my normal bed time, but I would be tired as crap the next morning. But the thing is, I will not feel tired at all an hour before the time that I’m so supposed to go to bed, so I guess I should just accept the fact that I am being robber an hour of the short amount of time that I can sleep. Also, I am sure that everyone else feels the same about waking up early, so I wish that we would all just change our work schedule to waking up early and staying up later. I guess it really just depends on if you are a morning person or a night person. I am obviously a morning person as you can clearly tell. Just kidding, but no seriously.
The only redeeming thing that I can come up with for this weekend is that the next weekend can’t be as bad as this one. Next weekend, I will hopefully be adjusted to this ridiculous day light savings shenanigans, but that’s doubtful as I have yet to become accustomed to waking up at six thirty every single weekday. I still have yet to do the reading unfortunately, so after I’m done writing this I have some reading to look forward to in everyone’s favorite novel. Of course I am referring to the Wacky Wild Adventures of the Bundren Family. Already I am pondering what crazy and wild mishaps this goofy family will find themselves in this time!

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