Sunday, March 28, 2010

public education

Public education in Johns Creek is a good, helpful, and effective. These aspects cannot be said of public education in other cities or counties- I know, I’ve grew up in a different county. We are so blessed in Johns Creek and we completely take it for granted. Public education where I grew up was horrible. I remember my sisters coming home everyday complaining about the school day, and not just because their teachers were bad at teaching, but some did not even speak English and it was not because they were foreign language teachers. Their teachers did not care, the students did not care, the facilities were (and still are) absolutely disgusting. The state of the school affects the students whether you wanna admit it or not. To be encouraged to learn you need an environment that encourages you. Johns Creek is a beautiful school, clean, inviting and it really makes an impact on how the students feel about coming to school. Where my sisters went to school you were lucky if there was a door to the bathroom stall. Who wants to go to a school like that? The track had grass growing out of it, the tennis courts were no longer tennis courts, but the designated area for the trailers. That being said public education has its weak points, and I went to private school and then moved before I ever had to endure this building they called a school. Public education depends on the people. Out here in Johns Creek people have so much and so it’s automatically going to be an area that reflects that. Where I come from things are just simpler, the school system does not have money constantly coming in, and therefore they have to get by on what they have. In the end no matter what your building looks like the teachers and the students are what is going to make the biggest difference to how a school functions. Having caring teachers makes a big impact because then students are encouraged and want to excel, and then that attitude is spread throughout the student body. Yes people could always go to private schools to have caring teachers, but a lot of people cannot afford that, and most people are just trying to make it through school not really spend that much effort on it. I enjoy public schools though after going to private schools all the way up until 9th grade, I do not know there is just something freeing about them, and it gives kids room to grow. Parents are so annoying when they put their children in private schools because they don’t want them exposed to all the dangers of public school and the “real world”, get over yourselves. I felt trapped in private schools, there was no diversity and everyone was always in all of your business, but in public schools people do not care that much. And yes I know I just said that that was a downfall to public education, but that was more in terms of teachers.

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  1. Johns Creek does have a good public education. I have been through many schools since I moved almost every single year, and this school seems to be over the average. Not only the education but mostly the over all school feels nice. Most teachers seem to actually care about their studentsa and enjoy teaching.

    I agree that the state of school affects the students. Depending on the environment that the students are exposed to, the students can care more or less about their education and future.

    I have not been to a private school, but according to my friend who is currently attending one, it is not as free and fun as public high schools. They have time for studying where you have to leave your door open so the teachers can walk around to see if you are actually working, and they even have a specific time for sleeping. I cannot imagine myself stuck in one pattern of life that is same for the rest of the students in school.
    The freedom we have in public school seems very necessary.