Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journal Entry

It's Sunday morning and I am sitting on a charter bus with 48 of my lovely track teammates. This weekend the JCHS track team competed in the 2010 Disney Track and Field Showcase at ESPNs Wide World of Sports. We left on Thursday at around 12:30 and drove down to Florida. We stopped at a mall in Gainesville for dinner and another couple of times at rest areas. It was a pretty long drive but we watched movies, talked, and slept. On Thursday night we got to our hotel, or should I say more like a motel, and got our room assignments. We stayed at a place called the Champions World Resort. By the name and the $250 I spent for this trip I figured the hotel would be kind of nice but no. It was the scariest sketchiest place I have ever stayed at. We roomed four to a room and the rooms were pretty nasty. I didn't sleep very well any of the nights so I'm pretty tired at the moment. I am writing these journals on my iPod so I have no idea how many words I am at right now. On Friday we had practice at 8 am. It was pretty brutal to get up that morning and practice especially because it was raining. After practice the whole team got ready and we headed to the park. We had the choice to spend the day at Downtown Disney or spend the day at The Magic Kingdom. Of course I choose the Magic Kingdom so I spent all of Friday at the park in the rain. It was really fun despite the rain and the park wasn't very crowded so the lines were short. Friday night we were free to do whatever we wanted so my friends and I hung out at the hotel with kids from our team and some guys that were from another team staying at the same hotel.

On Saturday we got up at 5:30 and left for the meet. The Wide World of Sports is an incredible facility and a sports-lovers paradise. They have fields for every type of sports and there were a lot of activities going on. There was a cheerleading competition, lacrosse games, softball and baseball games, and a Braves spring training game going on along with the track meet. There were teams from all over the country at the meet including two teams from Canada. The meet started at 8 and didn't end until after 7 at night. We were at the meet for over 12 hours in the hot sun. The weather was pretty nice. It was really windy so when the wind was blowing it was pretty cold but I still got really sunburned from being out in the sun all day. I participated in two events: the shot put and the discus. I competed from 8am to 4:30pm. I did pretty well in the discus and in the shot put I got 9th place out of 56 girls. I made the finals and missed out on getting a medal by just one foot. I was a little bummed by this but I was really happy with my performance at such a big meet. The JCHS team did pretty good overall considering most of our team is underclassmen. We went out for pizza after the meet and then back to the hotel. I was really tired so I hung out by the pool for a while and then went to bed. Sunday morning we had a short practice and then we headed home. We still have 8 more hours to go.....yay. I think I'm done with 500 words so I'm done.

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