Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poverty has been around for most likely longer than anyone could remember. However, in more recent times, it has become a practice to attempt to end poverty in one’s nation and abroad. This spread of philanthropy has become extremely popular.
At first, I wonder whether people give to the poor because they truly have a desire to help another’s wellbeing or instead they do so because it’s the newest trend. It seems these days there is an organization for everyone and everything, but who really knows where their money is going? The truth is, we simply have to trust those companies that siphon away your money. Other than that though, why do some choose to send money instead of help? Now the two are very close but I am very sure that just sending off a donation is an excuse to help them feel like a better person. You can go out and find one nonprofit organization to donate to and then you can feel like a good person again. Some wouldn’t truly care about who or what they gave to, only that they can go brag to their friends about what they’ve done.
The other half of this topic is the actual poverty experienced every single day. Now I believe poverty exists in different states. In America, I don’t really believe in it at all. The poor on welfare could rise above their circumstances and make a name for themselves. I have seen it done and it is very possible. Although it would take a lot of hard work and steady increases, it can be done. Welfare is just making them lazy. I don’t believe it should be thrown completely away though. If you are in school or have a job or both and are still below the poverty line, then you can receive welfare. If the individual is doing nothing, then they shouldn’t get paid for sitting around. This just encourages laziness in them.
Now poverty in other countries is different. Those individuals, who truly have nothing or no opportunities, need serious help. If there is nothing around them, then it’s clear they couldn’t pull themselves up through plain hard work. These are the people who deserve the money we so carelessly give away everyday. Even money wouldn’t be enough though sadly. I believe that through work in the country, dedicating more than just money is a true way to help those that need it. Their poverty is a deep set condition that would be extremely hard to pull down.
Poverty in our own nation is the first condition that should be ended or at least drastically decreased. Then once this goal is accomplished, it would be much easier to help those in other nations. However, this will most likely never be done. This condition has been so ingrained in the world today that it seems it will never be conquered. Still, philanthropy will still be around as long as poverty itself. While world poverty will not be destroyed, some impoverished will have their needs met.

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  1. I like how you addressed philanthropy as a new trend. It does seem to be a new trend that everyone is following these days.
    But I don't agree completely with the fact that welfare is doing nothing more than making the people lazy, because I believe that welfare is supposed to help the poor people to rise up and look for a new job and a new life; without it, they would be too busy looking for a way to feed themselves everyday that they would not have any chance to look for a way to rise up again.
    I agree with you with the fact that we have to lower our poverty rate first before going around the world helping other countries. We have to look at ourselves before helping others. After all, poverty issues in this country are just as serious as the poor countries with starving people.