Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Journal

Oh journals, if you only knew how much I did not miss you. Not having to write journals last week was quite spectacular if you ask me. It was as if a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders last Sunday night when I sat down at my computer and realized that my next hour and a half could be spent doing something other than typing out my rambling thoughts about my weekend, etc. But, all good things must come to end, right? So, here I am again back to my monotonous Sunday night life where I must put the Amazing Race on record while I sit here contemplating what to write about next. Hmmmm. Yeah, got nothing so far, except for 124 meaningless words. Oh my god! A bird just flew into the window in my office! Ha ha oh my goodness that just scared the crap out of me! Sorry, wow I just sounded incredibly A.D.D, but I’m dead serious that really did just happen. Wow, I still can’t get over how weird that just was. I wonder if that bird is ok, gosh that must have been painful. That poor bird, how embarrassing is that? Do birds even get embarrassed? If they do, I would just go crawl in a hole and die because I seriously just laughed at it for a good 10 minutes. Ha ha that was so funny, I really hope no one is reading this though. Gosh, now THAT would be embarrassing on my part. Ok, maybe I should start writing about something else, I still feel like I’m rambling.

How ‘bout this weather? Talk about weird, never have I ever been somewhere where it snows one day and then it’s sunny with highs of 60 degrees the next day. Maybe Mother Nature is going through menopause, which would explain all these hot and cold flashes we have been experiencing. Did I really just compare our abrupt weather changes to menopause? I think I did, that’s kind of weird now that I think about it. Eh, whatever I think it is a pretty accurate description. Anyways, my weekend was pretty grand because I actually got to sleep which is something that had been so foreign to me these past few weeks. I love sleeping, especially in my bed because it is the most comfortable thing ever. If light was unable to enter my room, I’m pretty sure I could sleep for days straight because my bed is just that comfy. I know this crucial information for whoever is reading this, no need to tell me twice. But yeah, my bed is basically the equivalent to a heavenly cloud, be jealous! Um, anyways other than sleeping well this weekend, I also had a great time with some of my friends Saturday night. We watched paranormal activity in my basement which was not half as scary as when I saw it in theaters, but it was quite frightening nonetheless. Ok, well I’m going to peace out and start my other journal, hope you enjoyed this masterpiece.

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