Sunday, March 7, 2010

Class Entry 03.07.10

I finally finished reading The Great Gatsby. The first impression of this book was not interesting at all. The ending of the book is perfect for Gatsby. It leaves Gatsby to be the Great Gatsby that he is and keeps him from transforming into the same person as the people around him. If he had not been killed, in sadness of loosing the dream he has been following throughout his entire life, he would have become the part of this world; not the Great Gatsby, but Jay Gatsby who lives in America. His pureness would have disappeared and the world would have lost another pure soul.
I agree with Nick, saying Gatsby is great, greater than the normal people around us. Gatsby is the person who walked straight towards his goal throughout his whole life, following the path to be together with Daisy. But the people around him, including Daisy herself, are selfish and rusted. Their hearts are rusted with selfishness, full of wishes to become happy for themselves. They care about themselves so much that they do not see the people around them getting hurt. They seemed to not know what the true meaning of happiness is. They do not feel satisfied when they are wealthy, or when they have more than one person to love. They do not realize that following a dream, just as Gatsby did, is something that makes you happy and keeps you motivated.
Throughout the novel, Nick is warning Gatsby about the possibility, or almost hundred percent assured fact, of his dream about Daisy being broken, that is, in the narration. He just observes Gatsby and his dream being broken. But I like the fact that he did not get involved in Gatsby’s life too much and just observed him. That let the readers follow through the process of Gatsby’s dream coming to reality. And the readers can see how a dream might be better being a dream then actually becoming true.
There is a big emptiness at Gatsby’s house the end of the novel. The Great Gatsby’s mansion which was a place for party every Saturdays became empty when the parties are no longer present. The house where lights never went out is now dark and closed. People who used to attend the parties all the time do not attend the funeral for Gatsby. The selfish people only choose to go to a fun place in stead of a place where the newspaper writers will try to ask them annoying questions about Gatsby who they did not know well. The popular and mysterious Gatsby did not have many people in his funeral. Not even his dream, Daisy came. The fact that such great person with a dream had to have such a sad ending distressed me. I wonder why Gatsby had to live such a lonesome life.
I haven’t finished As I Lay Dying yet; that book seems even more boring compared to Gatsby. Gatsby was actually an enjoyable book to read. I think I would have read this book even if it wasn’t a required book. Maybe.

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