Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journal 03.07.10

The Winter Olympics has ended, and now I feel like I am back in my normal life routine. Now that the Olympic is over and the World Cup is coming up, I wonder why we have such events. They say the purpose of the whole Olympics and World Cups is to bring the people around the world together. It certainly brings people world wide together, but together not as in mentally, but together in front of the TV. The people concentrate on the game and cheer for the person representing the country. When the person wins, they all stand up and clap for all their hard work and the medal they gained. The Olympic seems to divide people into each country rather then forming a unity. People cheer for their own country, and when another country wins by seconds, they get a feeling of dislike towards that country. I can agree that it brings the whole country together, since most people in the country cheer for the same team or person, but the world, not so true.
I also wonder about the medals. Each country tries to gain more medals and makes up their own way of counting medals in order to be in a higher rank. I currently know of two different methods of medal counting: counting the number of gold medals first and if tied, counting the silver medals and bronze medals, and adding the number of medals together. We use the second method of adding the number of medals together, since we have a large population, more people competing in the Olympics, thus greater chance of getting more medals. But the small countries with low population use the first method. Gaining more gold medals is easier than trying to get more medals for them. But both methods seem to have flaws. The first one seems the silver and bronze medal as a useless thing. Regardless of how many silver and bronze medals we gain, the gold medal is the first thing that counts. The people who got silver and bronze medals might feel that they worked just as hard for nothing. But the second method is also unfair, since there is no difference in getting a gold, silver, or bronze medal. People work extremely hard in order to gain a gold medal, but if the gold medal counts the same as a bronze medal, it does not make sense. But on the official Olympic website, the ranking is based on the first method, but the ranking of the second method is also written in the corner. Since they are both official records, I guess the countries can choose which one works better for them. Since there can be two different rankings, it seems to divide countries in a way. They choose whichever seems better for their country and try to make their rankings higher. There isn’t an official ranking that all the countries agree upon. Maybe giving gold medal five points, silver medal three points, and bronze medal one point might work better, but anyways, there needs to be an official scoring system that is used by all the countries, without feeling unfair.

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