Sunday, March 7, 2010

Class Entry

For my class entry I am blessed this week that there was something interesting to write about. Usually there is not much besides the daily things of our class. When looking at other kids class entries I have seen sometimes they want to fill this space with what seems to me as a bunch of suck-up. Instead of that I dig down real deep and pull out something semi-intelligent to say about the book we are reading or the topic we are discussing. That gets pretty boring and is hard to write though. Through doing a good bit of these journal and then blogs( as they have evolved to fit into the technology we live around) I have discovered that the key to making these seem not so bad is that you must write about something that you have to stop and think real hard about. Usually a good story does that for me but sometimes there are other things. Today, or rather tonight, it is a somewhat of a story of the fun times I had in class on Friday.
On Friday we had a surprise tea party in class. It classifies as a surprise because it was unexpected: a pleasant surprise if you will. Anyways, the whole Alice in Wonderland theme began at the allusions to the white rabbit and it went on from there. I do not think that anyone thought that we would be continuing to do fun stuff after that but Glenn was just in a good mood that Friday. From the white rabbit allusion we listened to a funny song called "White Rabbit" and read aloud the chapter with the tea party. At first Mr. Glenn allowed students to read but he soon took over. I believe the reason for this is that since it was his very favorite chapter( and needing a great deal of enthusiasms) he wanted to make sure it was done right. "If you know one else will do it [right] then do it yourself" they say. Ehh, it kind of works. After that came the big surprise: a real tea party! Well I guess it was not really a complete tea party with only Arizona Green Tea and some baby cups they use in the nursery but it was good enough for me! I know Mr. Glenn was very sad that the tea was not healthy enough. It failed this test because it actually tastes good!!! It ok Mr. Glenn, we are at the peak of our metabolismic( I know it's not a word) ability so it will all be ok. It was overall a good start to my long day. It was good to just have a little fun sometimes. Even if it is only a little tea it shows how a small change in attitude can have a great affect on the overall situation. And since it is in the beginning of the day, it can affect the whole day as a whole. Done that is 500!

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