Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Entry

So for this blog I have decided to write the free response first because my internet is down during these twenty minutes as I wait for my mom to bring me back food. Since my internet is down I cannot waste my time so here it goes.
On Saturday I had a nice day with one very strange episode in the middle of it, but I'll explain that later...Saturday I woke up at about 12:30. Yes I know, amazing. After that I watched the Office from last Thursday which was a full hour special edition. The reason for this special edition was that Pam and Jim(well mostly Pam) were having their baby. Great episode! It was very funny; nothing less than I always expect from the Office. Anyways, at that point my day was on the rise after the long sleep and then the Office, but the day would not continue so nicely.
For baseball we are forced to sell 20 of these coupon books. If you don't sell them by the deadline you are then forced to buy them. Well, I didn't have time to sell them during the actual deadline so I had to buy the ones that I had not sold and then sell them after the deadline. I told my parents that I was going to do this last year but it kind of ended up that I didn't sell any of the extras. Because of my past results my parents were making extra effort to ensure different results. That being said, Saturday was the day to sell these last 13 books. I had a list of friends that should be very willing to but these books. From there I went to the houses around my parent's friends in the neighborhood. In about two hours I was able to sell 11 of my 13, but that was ok because my two neighbors next to me weren't home and I know they will buy one. Anyways, that ended that part of my day. Thankfully it was quite nice outside and it was a pleasant day for people to answer their door.
After that it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. As I always plan, I was going to try to get some homework done but sadly it never really happened. Around 6 o'clock my family started to get ready to go to Outback for dinner. Whenever my dad is out of town my mom usually takes us out to eat. This time my dad was in Utah skiing to celebrate his 50th birthday instead of business but it was still a good reason.
Anyways, right before we are about to leave a strange number calls me. At first I assume it is from a member of my Spanish project. Then as I realize it is a man with a Southern accent I think it is from a repair service. As I began to talk to him he knew my name and my car, but that was expected since I thought he was a repair man. He goes on to tell me I hit his son's '74 Camaro in the Regal parking lot. He demanded $220. As I was about to give the phone to my mom he hung up. All very weird stuff.

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