Sunday, March 7, 2010


In Gatsby, Nick is a huge drama/ bloody conflict with love of Gatsby for Daisy, his cousin. Most of the story I have felt sorry for Daisy and wanted her to have a better life than living with a man who openly cheats on her with a mistress. She either thinks she has no other lace to go or just wants to be with him for his money. Once she reunites with Gatsby and starts to openly defy Tom, it made me think she was staying with Tom for his money because she really does love Gatsby and he is also financially successful so she wants to leave Tom but wont lose the money. I was proud of Daisy for openly stating she didn’t love Tom but was mad when she started getting manipulated by him when he talks about the happy times they had together. Gatsby would be a much better husband for her and if she can’t realize that then she is an idiot. He would only make her happy and never be unfaithful with her. This event made me a little mad towards her but when she drove off after hitting Tom’s mistress this made me angry. Driving away from hitting her was irresponsible and illegal. I know she didn’t mean to hit her but she should still face the consequences of it. She was probably a little drunk from the drinking in the suit of the hotel. Gatsby also lost some brownie points when he took over the driving and didn’t return to the crime scene. It was very brave to say he would take full responsibility of the murder for Daisy but foolish. He shouldn’t be all caught up in Daisy that he would go to jail for her. A lot of times when someone says something like this they wouldn’t actually do it but something about Gatsby makes me think he might actually fulfill this promise. This part of the book is definitely the climax and now everything is either falling apart or blowing up. We left off the reading with Daisy in the kitchen talking to Tom and due to his earlier actions. He is probably manipulating her to stay with him; especially after losing his mistress. Having only Daisy right now probably will make him do whatever is needed to keep her with him. Now that Daisy has killed Tom’s mistress, Gatsby and Tom might lose her completely if the law catches up to her. Gatsby might actually get arrested due to Tom making sure the only clues at the scene link the car to Gatsby and not him or Daisy. Now the climax has been reached, the rest of the book will be full of conflict between the characters and now we will finally see how Gatsby will turn out in getting his love back or how Tom will end the possibility of Daisy leaving him.

This week I had a lot of baseball. Monday was against Milton and they pissed me off right at the start. Some of their players coming in said if we don’t beat this team by 10 I am going to shoot someone. That is comepletly cocky and annoying. They put up runs in the first inning because of some costly errors by us but we scored 7 in the first also. Later they got up to 8 and we eventually tied it. For four hours we battled it out. Eventually scoring came back and we went up 9 to 8 when I hit a homerun over the left field fence, which is always an amazing feeling. It felt like I was cutting butter when I hit the ball and the ball just kept going and going. It is the second home run in Johns Creek history. Unfortunately our pitching turned into crap and we lost in the final inning and getting off the field around 10:05 PM. We also played Alpharetta High School this week. I know three players on the team so it was like a rival game for me. I had friends in the stands too, which was fun to have. I hit a RBI single and stole a base, which Mr. Glenn saw. The slide was very graceful and my helmet almost went into the outfield. My face was covered in dirt, which was very attractive. The dugout was shocked and laughed their butts off. Personally when I was at first and saw my couch give me the steal sign I was like o boy this is going to be very interesting. The first base couch didn’t see the steal sign and was like why the hell did you steal the next day in class because I have him as a PE couch. Anyway we won and it was a really great win. We played West Forsyth yesterday and they beat Milton so we knew it was going to be a tough game. Their pitching was really tough but we won 5 to 0 because of us capitalizing on their fielding and throwing errors. I starting pitcher also did a great job playing as well. This was his first game back because he got hit in his balls during a game pitching and was not wearing a cup (nut protecting device). He got hit by a line drive and couldn’t walk and went to the hospital. I really hope he can have babies one day.

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