Sunday, March 7, 2010

Class Entry

It is now time to write about this past week in my wonderful AP Lang class. I am pretty sure that we are winding down our readings of The Great Gatsby and As I Lay Dying. I am happy about this fact because it has been hard to read two books at the same time and keep up with all the characters and important events from each novel. I will be glad when I do not have to read twenty plus pages a night. We had a few homework assignments this week. We usually do not have homework except for reading assignments but the things we had to do this week were not too hard. Like most weeks, we had many class discussions to analyze the reading. In the discussions I usually sit back and listen because I like to hear what other people say. Most of the time I do not really have an opinion on the issue so I like to hear other people’s opinions because there are some very strong opinions in our class.
As for the readings, I still hate As I Lay Dying and I still like The Great Gatsby. We are almost done with both and as for The Great Gatsby, I am a little surprised by the way it seems to be ending. I do not really know what I expected to happen but I did not expect Myrtle to get smashed and torn apart by a car which was driven by Daisy and Gatsby. I also did not expect Wilson to go to Gatsby’s house and shoot him before ending his own life. Wilson did not seem like the kind of man to do that but I guess I misjudged him. As for Myrtle, I feel bad that her life ended in such a tragic way. I do not sympathize with her completely because she was cheating on her husband who adored her. She was no content with her life or her marriage and she did little to fix this.
On Friday, we had a class period dedicated to the opening of the new movie Alice in Wonderland. I am not really familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland but it was nice to have a day off from writing or discussing the readings. We read a chapter from Alice in Wonderland in class and then Mr. Glenn surprised us with tea and we had our own little tea party like they did in the book. I only drink water so I did not have any tea but I thought it was a cool idea and very nice of Mr. Glenn to do this for us. We watched a video that was about Alice in Wonderland but I am not really sure what it was. That’s all I have to say about class for this week. We have a four day week next week so hopefully it will fly by and then I can go to Disney!! I need four more words so now I am done.

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