Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journal Entry

Once again here I am on a late Sunday afternoon writing my blog entries for the week. I have been lying around my house al day trying to avoid this dreaded task but my time is running out so I figured I better just go write some stuff. This past week felt really long to me. I find it interesting how some weeks seem to fly by and how some weeks seem to take forever. Why is this? Each week is the same length but certain events during the week make it seem either longer or shorter. If I can recall correctly we had some snow this week. I believe that was Tuesday but I’m not positive. It was a pretty steady snow throughout the whole day leaving kids wondering if school would be cut short. But no, of course it was not. We had a normal school day and I had track practice after school. Most practices were cancelled due to the weather but for some reason our coaches decided we needed to stay at school for an extra two hours while it continued to be a blizzard outside. On Wednesday, we had a two hour delay which I really enjoyed. I got to sleep in an extra two hours and all of my classes were cut shorter (which is always nice). Also on Wednesday we had a track meet at Centennial. It was a dual meet which meant there were only two schools competing. This freezing weather we have been having lately is really not good for track meets because I don’t like competing when I cannot feel my hands. I am a thrower so the feeling in my hands is a very important factor to my success. Despite having numb hands, I placed first in the shot put and the discus. I was pretty happy with my shot put throw but not too happy with my discus throw. We have a meet at Disney World next weekend and I am super excited and anxious for this. I plan on working extra hard this week at practice because I know the competition at Disney is going to be very tough. There will be high schools from all over the country there and I hope to put on my best performance.
The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I went bowling on Friday night with three of my friends and it was really fun. We tried to think of something fun to do that was different and not too expensive and I think we picked a great thing. Some random guy came and sat near us and started talking to us. He was really high and very entertaining to talk to. My friends thought he was creepy but he seemed pretty nice to me. After that we went and watched The Hangover at one of my friend’s house. On Saturday I went to my dad’s house for the day. Both of my little brothers had baseball games so I spent most of the day at the ballpark. My 500 words are up so I’m done for this week.

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