Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free Entry 3/7/10

This weekend was a good weekend. Friday, after school, I stayed after and watched the varsity tennis team play against Northview, my old school. I was excited because some of my friends were at the match. I had not seen them in a while, so it was good catching up with them. At seven, I made my way to the movie theater and met up with some people. It was Amanda’s birthday thing, so we decided to watch Alice in Wonderland and then go back to her aunt’s house.

I actually liked the movie. It was not the best movie that I have seen, but I was entertained for the two hours that it was on. The movie was pretty much the sequel to the original Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp had a bigger part in the movie than I was expecting. But, then again, it is Johnny Depp. Plus, Tim Burton loves him. I love the fact that the actress who played the Red Queen was in the movie.

After the movie, everyone migrated to Amanda’s aunt’s house. Everyone pretty much sat around and ate. Instead of eating complete junk food, we ate a tray of vegetables. It was so funny. We had chips, m & m’s, skittles, and cake, yet the only thing that we diminished was the veggies. I guess we are growing out of our “gross. Veggies!” stage. Amanda had her Zune plugged in, so we were having a good time picking out the next song. Allison and I also played a VERY intense game of air hockey. I lost by two points. It was sad.

The next day, I went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast and then went downtown. It was a good day. Leah, Lindsay and I drove around and we found an Urban Outfitters. It was so much better than the one at Lenox. I do not think that we found the Little Five Points location, because we were ten minutes away from Little Five Points. After we looked around the store, we stopped at Moe’s and grabbed some lunch.

When we finished, we decided to go to The Masquerade for the Next Big Thing tour. It was so bad. The bands were not good, and they all sounded the same. I wonder what happened to the originality of music? Maybe the better bands were going to perform later that night. After three hours of complete boredom, we left and I dropped them off. I was exhausted. I think I fell asleep on my couch.

I woke up to my mom asking me if I wanted to go to Shane’s Rib Shack with her and the rest of my family. Of course, I was forced to say yes, even though I was half awake. My dad’s girlfriend’s son slept over last night. Lily had to go to the hospital yesterday because he could not breath. It was really scary. The medicine was not working on her. Thankfully, very late last night she came home.

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