Sunday, March 7, 2010


So this week was a tad bit tricky when I came to class discussion. Mr. Glenn made us look for stuff and find reasons for things I had no idea were even important. For example when we had to figure why that one page for brilliant and why Fitzgerald was a psychic. That was impossible. Who could have ever figured it was about the Great Depression? I am even studying the Great Depression in AP U.S. History and I still did not even see that connection coming. The question about Myrtle though, that one was easy because I already knew the answer before I even knew she died. I should have actually already known she was going to die because I have already read this book before, but that was a couple summer ago so I do not really remember. I know I know, I am weird that I actually read this book for fun. I knew it was a classic and I was just interested so I went ahead and just read to see why it was so good. I do not think I really appreciated it though until now when I have a teacher to help point things out to me because like I mentioned before I do not quite see some things that others might. Another tricky thing was when Mr. Glenn was like lets all look at this random space in As I Lay Dying and try to figure out the purpose of it when he did not even know the purpose of it himself. I think it was just a printer mistake. Well no that is not what I really think, but hey, it could happen. I thought it was because she mentions that people make words up for things that they themselves don’t experience, they do not feel it and therefore are able to contain it in a word. Since this action/feeling etc. was something she experienced she was not able to contain it in one word-it’s personal to her. Oh and he just sat there and let us all talk it out without him saying anything, when it really just turned into one person doing all the talking and not letting anyone else get a say in it. Anyways continuing on…the thing I did not like about last year in language arts was that we had these things called Socratic seminars. They were pretty much what we did this week in that we all sat in a circle and discussed the book we were reading and everyone had to talk and you got graded on it. I hated them, despised them, worst thing in the day, and I was so happy this year when we did not have them and now we do. Oh joy, best decision you ever had Mr. Glenn, really, thumbs up and congrats. That was not sarcasm; I am not trying to be sassy or anything. Really. I am not. Ha.

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