Sunday, March 7, 2010

"I love you more than rainbows."

“I’m too much,” stated by Bette Davis on the Barbara Walter Special tonight in one of the flashbacks that showed. I am watching the Oscar specials right now and while the dresses are pretty and all, the Barbara Walter Special is particularly interesting. Mo’Nique was brilliant I just loved her honesty and how just loud she was. A part from her views on shaving (which I find to be slightly suspect) Mo’Nique was just so right on with her views on life. Also Sandra Bullock is magnificent I mean hilariously so; her comments on Meryl Streep are spot on, “May she (Meryl) reign forever.”

This weekend was such a good weekend it was like everything was just so relax and chill. I got to spend time with my sister and she gave me a new rubber band bracelet! So now I have a pink pig and a blue dinosaur. I also saw Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton and while it was definitely burtonesque like I expected it to be, it just wasn’t what I’d expected to be. It was like they just kind of just threw words in from the book, used the same names, and ta-da called it Alice in Wonderland. It was a good movie though and it entertained like movies are supposed to.

Also this weekend we also threw a surprise birthday treasure hunt/party for Sarah and it was so much fun to spend time with The Elites again. I just love our dysfunctional family. I also learned today that Sarah turned 17 yesterday and that kind of blew my mind a little bit since I’d always just assumed she was 15 going on 16; but you know what they say when you assume something...a very clever saying. Celebrating her birthday was so much fun, I just love birthdays there just such happy occasions. If I could I’d throw a birthday party for every person in the world. People just smile so intimately on their birthday.

So I am watching the Oscars right now and Meryl Streep is just such a dreamsicle! I mean her and Kate Winslet are like the greatest Actors alive right now and if Meryl Streep doesn’t win I am going to be so severely disappointed. I mean Meryl Streep has been nominated more than anyone else ever and she’s only won like twice. She’s like an acting God, I just love her. Okay this has nothing to do with Meryl Streep but Ryan Bingham just won for Best Original Score and when he thanked his wife he said, “I love you more than rainbows baby.” I mean come on that’s the sweetest and weirdest thing I’ve ever heard, I love it! So The Hurt Locker just won for Best Original Screenplay and I think that means I finally got one the of the boxes correct that I guessed on for the extra-credit in either drama or tech theater. Okay they just did the best montage of 80’s movies in the history of ever and it excited me to know that I’ve seen every single movie that they showed at least three times. It means I am not a culturally deprived, snaps for me. I love the Oscars I can’t wait too see who else wins. This has been a great weekend.

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