Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journal #2

Anyone else feel cheated out of six hours of their life? There was no way we should have had school on Wednesday. I will concede the fact that the roads were manageable, but delaying the school day by two hours was just uncalled for. First of all, the delay was guaranteed to cause some confusion for students as there has never been a delay in Fulton County schools for at least eleven years, that’s how long I’ve been attending Fulton County schools. Second of all, to my understanding, Fulton County has been trying to save some extra money by closing schools earlier, shortening the number of school days, so using last Wednesday as an excuse to have no school seemed like an opportune time, but I guess not. Lastly, I really just have nothing else to add other than the entire situation was ridiculous. In retrospect, I feel cheated out of more than six hours of my life, because I could not sleep in as late as I would have liked.
Other than almost having a snow day, this week has been fairly routine which I guess is better than having a bad week I suppose. Next weekend is going to suck, or more specifically Saturday is going to suck because I am forced to take the stupid three or four hour mind numbingly painfully stupid test also known as the SAT. My parents have also decided to purchase me one of those spectacular thousand inch thick SAT practice booklets where I will be able to complete practice exams to my heart’s desire. Scratch that, I will be able to complete practice exams to my parent’s desire which is basically until I take the real SAT and get an acceptable score. This acceptable score isn’t reasonable mind you; my parents are probably going to be unhappy with anything lower than 2000, and that’s hardly an acceptable score to them. The ridiculous part is I only have one Asian parent, but I’m getting treated like I have two!
The worst part about taking the SAT this Friday is the fact that we don’t have school Friday. Now I no longer have the freedom to stay out late Friday night, because I am scheduled to sit a desk for four hours reading and writing and crying and staring and bubbling instead of sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. I actually kind of wish that students weren’t allowed to take an unlimited number of SAT tests, because I have abused this freedom by not studying as much as I should be studying for the SAT. I am starting to regret my decision of not studying more, because there is no way that I am spending another Saturday completing my four hour SAT session. Fortunately, everyone else must endure the painfully boring experience that is the SAT. I never really understood why colleges place so much importance on the SAT either especially the math section. The math section is such a joke, but whenever I take the practice exam there is always one question that prevents me from making a hundred. And that one question is missed only because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the wording, but who can I really fault for that? I just feel that it is dumb for colleges like GT, CalTech, etc to place high importance on the SAT math section, because the majority of people applying to these colleges have already proven their pre algebra and geometry capabilities in the freshmen and middle school years.

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