Sunday, March 7, 2010


Onwards to a entry full of the possibility of nothing. Again, a struggle to write another five hundred words. I know these entries get old but they give me at least thirty four of those pesky words. Useful really.

This weekend was a weekend of horse shows, friends, exhaustion, and desperation. I had a wonderful time with my horse at small show this weekend and then returned home to hang out with a dear friend whom I had not seen in quite some time. As read in my other entry for this week we attended Alice in Wonderland (the movie). But the days just got more hectic from there. Sunday = a ton of homework and extremely limited time to do it. The stress that was looming in the background of first semester has finally raised its fanged head to laugh at me. I have a lot of things to be thankful for, and I am, but I am not enjoying Stress at the moment. But I am sure that I am not alone in this feeling. This year is harder, seems longer, holds more, and does not give breaks. I have projects due, tests to study for, quizzes to practice for, SATs to take, colleges to visit, and people to please. It gets to be too much at times. But again I say, I know that I am not alone. I dare to say that nearly every single high school junior in the United States of America feels the same way. We hear it from all sides : this is the most important year of high school, what you do this year will determine what college you go to which determine what kind of job you will get which will determine what type of life you will live. So according to many, this year essentially determines the rest of our lives. Now is there any question as to why the rates of stress related deaths are climbing? I do not fully believe that my entire life will be determined by a single year of school, but it can certainly seem like it. On top of maintaining grades there are extra tests to be taken and colleges to be visited. But to visit a college one must usually miss a day of school, which leads to make up work which leads to more stress. It piles on until a single word or action can cause a person to snap. You have experienced it. He/ She/ We have experienced it. It is real and it is a problem. There is nothing worse for students than to be exhausted but unless we stay up late there is no real way to get everything done. We could just go to bed but that means zeros for homework grades and lower scores on tests. Low scores lead to more stress which leads to more studying which leads to less sleep which leads back to more stress and handicapped immune systems which leads to sick days which leads to make up work which leads to feeling behind which leads to stress. It all can cause stress and no matter how relaxed a person seems they too are coping with stress; and lots of it. So where does it end? College? Not likely. Getting a job? Probably not. Retiring? Not with today’s economic situation. So does it end? I don’t know. But at this point all that thinking about it is doing is stressing me out. Super.

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