Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Socratic seminars this week were a definite bummer. I know I am not very good at them mainly because I am just not very outspoken. I would rather have to write what I think or be called on because I am not loud. It is hard to keep up with some people in our class because either they talk a lot of they are really smart and already said my idea. It is pointless to have to speak during them if you have nothing to say. Points should not be taken off for participation; I mean listening and writing down what you think is participating. However, I actually am starting not to mind As I Lay Dying as much. I mean do not get me wrong it is still boring and pointless but I feel like I am beginning to be able to follow along a little better and understand what is going on. The Great Gatsby has been getting better as well. I have to say it is one of my favorite books I have read for school and I would definitely put it in my top ten books including ones I chose to read (As I Lay Dying…not so much). Fitzgerald has proven to me that he is a better writer than what I had originally acclaimed him to be. It was interesting that you pointed out that he may be psychic due to the whole predicting the great depression thing. That is really cool and I never would have noticed that on my own. The romance between Gatsby and Daisy definitely increased my curiosity in the book. Learning about their past together and seeing things from a different time period make the book more interesting.
However, the quizzes we have to take with questions like “where is Nick’s house keeper from” need to end. I got a seven out of ten on the last quiz and let me tell you it is not doing wonders for my grade. I finally have an A in the class without the seven points and I would like to keep it that way. I feel like I have finally figured out how to study the right way. It took basically all of first semester for me to get my stuff together but now that I got a fresh start second semester I think my grades will stay higher. Not having a boyfriend has also probably contributed to my success. Without having to spend most of my free time with him I now have more time to get work done. At the same time I kind of procrastinate a lot so I guess it is kind of the same as before but my mind is just less distracted.
I am really upset that I missed class on Friday and you guys watched Alice In Wonderland! Of course the day I miss we watch one of my favorite movies. And to top it off you guys drink my favorite drink, green tea.

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