Sunday, March 7, 2010


Weekends. They are always the same. I never have anything new to write about but some how I need to come up with five hundred words in the next fifteen minutes before I fall asleep. I probably should not have put this off so much but I just could not bring myself to sit down and write today. I am sick of writing about pointless stuff. I have nothing going on and nothing to write about. This weekend was pretty boring over all. Jessie and I just mainly sat at my house and then at Ashley’s house for two days. Fun stuff. I mean I really wish I had more to write about. I am definitely feeling the junioritis. I wish it was summer. Only eight weeks left! And only three until spring break! Jessie and I had originally planned on going to Panama City beach but since we are both broke I guess that is not happening. We are instead going to Cocoa Beach to stay with Jessie’s grandma. I am not sure how much fun that will be but as long as I am on the beach I am content. I just plan on getting really tan and relaxing for a full week without school work. However, I am almost positive you will give us some essay or something to write. That is usually how it goes in the hard classes.
I wish I could think of something to write about. It is ten thirty on Sunday night and usually I finish these Saturday morning so this whole last minute journaling thing is new to me. I am really excited that this week is only four days long. I feel like we haven’t had a full week without delays or anything in a while though. The delay last Wednesday was nice though I think we should have school like that everyday. I feel like we get more work done with shorter classes because the teachers rush to get it done instead of dragging it out over a full hour long class session. I was alert in almost all of my classes, besides Mrs. Alderman’s class. There is no stopping the boringness of that class. It is like as soon as you walk in the door you get hit with sleeping powder or something and just drift away to la la land where there is no learning. Yet, somehow when it comes to test and quiz time I manage to pull out an A, if only my other classes were like that.
I only have about fifty more words to write and I can not think of anything really to talk about. I still have to read five more pages tonight and I am really dreading it. Hopefully it will go by quickly. I have a physics test tomorrow; that should be interesting. I also have an AP US history essay to write and I forgot to study for it until I just wrote that. Well, that is just awesome.

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