Sunday, March 7, 2010

AP Worthy Class Entry

So Friday was the most interesting day in English this week by far. I always enjoying hearing new songs and I already like The Shins every since I heard them in Garden State, so that was pleasing. Also the vibe of the class was just really nice like it wasn’t all that serious and it was just kind of really chilled.

So The Great Gatsby isn’t really all that great but it’s way better than As I Lay Dying and it’s for that reason that I am very sad that we’ve almost finished reading it. I mean at least The Great Gatsby has those “OH MY GOD!” moments. Like when Daisy hit Myrtle and kept driving! What’s up with that?! I mean then Gatsby gets shot by Wilson because apparently Tom told Wilson that Gatsby was behind all of the illicitness and “OMG!” The Great Gatsby is just one of those books.

So as I write about the books we’ve been reading and I watch the Oscars I realize that many movies are based off of books and so many of those movies are really not all that great. Like Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, the movie is based off Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and it’s a great movie if you look at it as something that was inspired by a book but if you look at the movie as something that’s supposed to portray the book it’s terrible and absolutely insulting to Lewis Carroll. Then there are all of the Harry Potter movies which just got worse after the second one in the portraying of each book and until the last one did a terrible job of entertaining anyone. So I wonder if books being turned into movies is such an iffy kind of thing why does it happen? Other than Jane Austen novels and Shakespeare plays I can’t think of any really great book to movie situations. I mean if you have a good enough imagination and the book is written well then reading the book should be like watching a movie but in your mind.

I think that all good books are books that you read and can imagine them playing in your mind. Well, at least for me they are. While The Elites were at ThesCon ’10 w few of us went into this amazing book store and the entire place was filled with these books that kind of just smelt like books should. Like if you read the right ones you submerge yourself in the universe the book created. Almost like the book store was a limbo of sorts between worlds. I know that APUSH is combined with American Lit. but if the American part if is only half then I don’t know maybe the selection of books we have to choose to read from should be, better? I am far from book guru or anything I don’t really read all that much but when I do think the book should at least be worth the time it takes to read the book and I don’t think that As I Lay Dying is worth the time it’s taken to read it.

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