Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello! Alright so this week we definitely went crazy in depth in the TWO BEST BOOKS EVER *sarcasm x 8000*. As I lay dying is pretty gross. Not the kind of gross like a… fish. But the kind of gross that means boredom. The kind of boredom that makes you stare at walls going UGH I feel gross because I haven’t moved in over four hours. I mean, I’ve never sat around for four hours, but if I were to, I’m sure it would be gross! So yes, As I Lay Dying is gross. It’s a bunch of hicks running around with a decaying body in a little coffin. The mother hated her children, except for Jewel, the mistake baby with another man… a PRIEST! So she was a little off her rocker. She married a man whom she never knew and she hated him even more than her unfortunate children. Honestly, she could have said no. If some fat man with a hunch-back and no teeth with CRAZY hair asked me to marry him, I would run for my life! Actually, I’m not sure Anse is fat, but since he never breaks a sweat, it is HIGHLY likely. I have no sympathy for any of the characters. There’s Anse, the lazy disrespected father. There’s Addie, the dead mother who hated her life. There’s Cash, the ‘carpenter’. There’s Darl the ‘queer’ one. There’s Jewel, who has a priest baby daddy. There’s Dewey Dell, who has an unfortunate name and is pregnant at the age of 17 with some fool named Lafe. Then there’s Vardaman, the reject child filled with anger who’s convinced his mother somehow resembles a fish. All of them are severely unintelligent and reading about it only makes me angry! They need to read some books! Even if they lack intelligence, it doesn’t mean that they can just have no CONCEPT of common sense. Come on now, if someone says the bridge is gone, DON”T GO TO THE BRIDGE AND WASTE TIME! Rah! (points arrow to left because blogger thinks it's an opening for HTML coding) That symbolizes anger. Then there’s the Great Gatsby. At first I was fine with the whole story, even if it was seemingly pointless. But now I know how the characters REALLY are and, yes, they bother me too! All the books we’ve read so far haven’t been bad (except maybe Beloved), but these books have the most obnoxious characters. Nick doesn’t bother me at all, and Jordan seems a bit shady. But I have lost all respect for Gatsby. He is so desperate for some girl who obviously doesn’t know which way is up. Gatsby needs to quit living in his past and Daisy should get kicked to the curb by Tom AND Gatsby. George is a little insane and Myrtle was dumb, but now she’s dead so. Oh well, I guess. Huh, what elseeeee. We did those word things with the words in the word! That was cool cool. Except art isn’t my forte haha :). Alright well adios!

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