Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deluge of Words

The weekend is here for me! Thank you, Georgia Tech. It’s time for my college visit tomorrow! This means no no no no school tomorrrowwwwwwwww! EXTRA LETTERS=EXCITEMENT. So this week’s events were quite fantastical. I found Ciara her husband so she’s set for the future haha. At lunch we make about a hundred allusions to As I Lay Dying, sad I know. I said something in a southern accent and followed with, “Hi! I’m Anse. Anse Bundren!”. Then Ciara was all “begrudge her it.” Why does Mr. Bundren say that anyway? I don’t understand! But there were some more occurrences of these awesome moments. Yesterday, we had a tennis match and I wasn’t in the line up so I watched from the indoor seating area thing. Oh, Dunwoody Country Club… how you keep me warm! Hoorah! Let’s see what else happened this week. OH! THERE WAS THAT TWO HOUR DELAY THING! This was definitely one of my favorite days this week, except tomorrow because I don’t show up to school. I was planning to wake up at the same time on Wednesday and maybe get some Chik-Fil-A or possibly get ahead on the reading. Nope. That wouldn’t happen of course. I slept in two hours later, leaving me the same amount of time to get ready for school. It was a disappointment. I also washed my dog today. Random, yes, important, yes. She is small so she just gets way too dirty way too fast. (This is unlike my other canine pets). So I washed her and it looked like she gained about 5 pounds. I don’t know what happened but her fur just EXPLODED. I am obviously amused by this. So Olli is now clean which means she won’t make my room smell funny. She would have to be exiled. Ohhhhh too much caffeine today! On the other end of the pet spectrum, my fish died. It would have been one thing if I would have just found him floating at the top of the tank. But no, because it had to be difficult, he laid on the gravel on the bottom of the tank for three (YES, THREE) days just breathing. He couldn’t swim and all that was moving were his gills. It was way too creepy for my liking. I didn’t want to just take him out and end it, because he’s a fish and he would have just died the same way down in the sewer. So I watched him slowly die and decay for three days straight. Yuck. Now my other fish needs a new friend because I think he doesn’t enjoy swimming around alone all day. I kind of want a puffer fish because they’re sooo adorable! But, it would probably die quickly since I have no salt water tank. Oh, my grammar is rockin’. I just said that. Oh me, oh my. Sometimes when I type these blogs out I wonder how many people actually go scroll through them and read them. Is it entertainment? I think it is. Except a majority of the blogs are extremely long babbles of randomness! Yeah. Well have a good weekend everyone C:

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