Saturday, March 6, 2010

fried chicken

Today has just been strange. This is not to say that any other day is not strange, for about 95% of my days are, but today, seeing as it is only 2 pm, has already exceeded the strangeness quota that was defined as the norm about 3 years ago.
So, this morning at 1:30 I woke up to the movie quarantine. This was due to the fact that when I sleep over at Ciara’s house I am unfailingly the first to fall asleep out of her entire family. I made it until 11:45 this time, so when I woke up and Ciara was STILL watching tv I was rather impressed. I made her fill me in on the plot, watched a bit of some crazy woman covered in blood eating people and peacefully fell back asleep.
Then comes 2:45. I wake up again and Ciara is STILL awake. I feel like I have a runny nose so I wipe at it with my sleeve (except it was Ciara’s jacket so it was really her sleeve, unfortunately for her). It doesn’t help. I do it again. And then OH MY GOD BLOOD. So for 20 minutes in the absolute MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT I had the worst nosebleed I’ve ever had. Thankfully, due to Ciara’s insomnia, I did not have to partake in this distressing event alone. We went through about half a thing of paper towels. It was ridiculous. Ridiculously disgusting. And also kind of weird considering whenever I saw the blood I started freaking out while Ciara just stood there all nonchalant and like. She was oddly composed… Hmm….
So then since I was finally awake we watched Hostage.. then I feel asleep… again. I woke up at god knows when to some movie about break dancing. I also apparently woke up to a cat sitting on top of me, which I don’t remember but Ciara swears it’s true, and then Ciara’s dog licked my face sometime during the night and I don’t even know… it was just weird.
But then we awoke and all of the sudden CIARAS DAD APPEARED out of no where.
And then I had breakfast. It was fantastic. I had a doughnut, 4 biscuits, fried chicken, an omelet and a cupcake. Best breakfast ever.
Then I got lost on my way home.
Then I listened to a whole lot of country music.
I’d enjoy a bit of coffee.
Today really wasn’t that strange, the preceding week was a whole lot stranger.
Obama should gain 20 pounds.
I’m going to Alabama next week.
I can still hear the radio from my room.
I absolutely can’t stand people that don’t wake up before 1:00. It is 2:30 and YOU’RE STILL NOT AWAKE.
Waste of a day.
My plan to set my sister up with Ciara’s brother is working brilliantly.
This is ridiculous, 500 words is too much.

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