Saturday, March 6, 2010

This weekend has passed by in a rapid blur of crazy events so far, one after another since school let out Friday afternoon. At first, this weekend was looking like it would turn out to be completely boring. I had no plans or anything.
Once I got to 6th period though, that all had changed. As the final bell rang, I followed Julia to her car and we drove off to Sandra’s house. We drove around for around an hour. I still have no idea what the reasoning was behind it, but it was a lot of fun to do. As we approached my house, I was lucky enough to be seen by a boy I used to have a very big crush on. We had never talked but the eye contact we made was extremely awkward to say the least. My embarrassment increased as a song, from my iPod, that I knew he would hate, started blaring through the mini-vans speakers. Great experience right there.
After walking in the door of my house, I was quickly rushed back into the car. I then was sent off to my art class type thing. This week’s session was based on using extremely weird mediums to create a painting. The class had settled on using Kool-Aid of all things. At first, I was very cautious in trying this strange project idea. But after discussing the best methods of applying the colored drink mixes, my unease was swallowed by an excitement for the experimentations with the powders. It was very unstable at first; however, it settled out and began to blend like normal paint. The bright colors reminded me of Easter eggs. Anyways, after about two hours of working on this piece, the class ended and I waited to be picked up.
After convincing my dad to run through fast food for me I hurried home. Shortly after getting into my dad’s car, I figured out that Julia would be spending the night. She arrived at my house shortly after I did. After trying to make it the Year One ( a terrible movie), we decided we had to go get some fried chicken. So we jumped in the car with my mother and quickly drove off to find the nearest KFC. The rest of the night was pretty crazy I’d say. Not something to really describe here though.
The next morning, after a breakfast of more fried chicken, Julia headed back to her own home. I remained stuck reading As I lay Dying. This almost killed me, literally. It was rough. Seeing as how this weekend was my brother’s birthday, I was forced to go to his air soft birthday excursion. I, however, planned ahead and brought a friend along for entertainment. Since the air soft place was in Discover Mills Mall, it wouldn’t be too hard to keep entertained. Running from store to store, we wandered over the whole mall. At one point, we even found the fish and air horns in Bass Pro Shop. It was pretty great. That pretty much sums up my weekend so far now. So I’m out. Bye!

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