Sunday, March 7, 2010

Class Entry 3/7/10

I think I have to say that Friday was probably the best day of AP Language. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie, and I am reading the book, and then Through the Looking Glass afterwards. Also, getting the green tea was a great surprise. Class was a great way to end the week. I wish we could something like that every week or so.

After reading the chapter in The Great Gatsby, I was shocked. Finally, something interesting happened! I was starting to get bored with the book. Sometimes, I just sit there after I finish reading, and think how that was a big waste of my time. Then, I think how there is a hidden meaning and there is a reason that the book is a classic. I just wish that I could understand it. I also take back what I said about As I Lay Dying. The book is not as confusing as I though it was. I just think the reason I do not like it is because of Faulkner’s style.

I strongly dislike Socratic seminars. I do not like the fact that I have to talk about the book. I feel awkward, especially since everyone in class has amazing insight. I also hate the fact that if I do have something to say, another person will say it. To make things worse, they will make it sound fifty times smarter than I could say. Last year, we had to speak a certain amount of times in order to get any sort of credit. It was kind of sad.

I wonder what else we are going to read this year. So far, I have not really liked any of the books we have read. Actually, I liked The Forever War. It was the most entertaining book, in my opinion. I would like to work on multiple-choice questions since I am getting worried about the AP exam and college. I really need to get college credit for this class, since this is my first AP class. I even bought a book.

Speaking of college, I am getting more and more ready to just graduate. I am over high school. The only problem is there is just so much pressure to have great grades, take AP classes, and get into great colleges. There is so much competition, and sometimes I fear that I will not be able to get into college. I have good grades and I have a 3.9 GPA. I just get scared that I will not be good enough.

This weekend I did come up with a plan. Since neither my dad nor mom want me to go out of state for college, I am forced to stay in the state of Georgia. The only school that I can actually study what I want to do is the University of Georgia. The problem is since that is a major school, everyone will be applying to go there and that will just lower my chances of getting in. I decided that I am going to apply early to the University, which will raise my chances of getting in.

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