Monday, February 15, 2010

02.15.10 Class Entry

There are many campaigns going on for the people of Haiti. The disaster that has struck them has left them with nothing but hunger and poverty. But people from all over the world is gathering to help the poor people. They donate money, food, and clothes, or even volunteer to visit the place to support the people. The power of the people gathered together brings an amazing progress. The situation in Haiti, although not fully back into the original form, has gotten better. Most people donated at least a dollar in all kinds of ways; there were plenty of opportunities opened to us to support the people in Haiti. People can not resist helping those people after seeing the horrible situation through TV and newspapers. This incident proved that the people from all over the world can come together to support people in need. People in Haiti are not the only people in need. If we use the same method we used to help and support the people in Haiti, we can help other people in need, other than just the people who suffered from a natural disaster. After all, destruction from a natural disaster might not be the worst thing that is happening around the world. The people in other situations that can be as worse as the situation of the people struck by a natural disaster should be supported also. We were able to prove that with everyone involved, even a small amount of donation or help makes a big difference for the people getting the help. But the problem is that if the campaigns and advertisements on around us become a natural thing for the people, it will not have enough impact to motivate people. It will become similar to a medicine becoming immune to our body. We should develop new methods of getting people involved into helping other people. It is wrong to say that a person is immoral for not donating for the people in worse situation then themselves, but it would be better if everyone donates a small amount for the people in need. The people should not be forced to donate, but made to feel the need for them to donate. If people actually see how the help they have given is impacting the people, I am positive that the percentage of people donating will increase. Of course it is impossible to track down every penny that we have donated, but at least there can be some kind of proof of how our help is being used. What we can do as the people wishing to help the people in a disastrous situation has been proved, so we should work hard to use such fact to support other people in need also. People donating should not feel like they are the better people who has money to give the poor and weak people but feel like helping a family member in need. After all, we are living in the same world, only our situations differ.

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