Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This weekend was fantastic. You know why? Because I wasn’t in Georgia. You know why else? Because I didn’t have to deal with people I didn’t want to talk to. And you know why ELSE? Because where I was, there was no snow and it was up to 60 degrees in the afternoon. THAT’S why I had such a good weekend.
Of course, now that I’m home, these blogs have to be written, psychology and physics have to be studied, I have to read As I Lay Dying and clean this mess of a room… I think I’ll actually clean my room out again, I’m so sick of having so much stuff. I once read this book, one of the few I can recall previous to high school, about a boy who kept only 75 possessions at a time. He had a laptop, 2 or 3 books, some clothes and necessities, and each time he wanted something new he’d sell or donate one of his possessions. 75 is a bit ridiculous. I think that accounts for my shoes and socks. But then again, I have a ridiculous amount of stuff. And it’s not like I have the biggest room in the world. Once again, I just want to get rid of my bed. I don’t know how I acquired such a strong loathing for it, but this is how I feel and so oh well. Anyway, I think I’ll clean out my room again today. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I ran all this weekend. It was fantastic. It was like this boardwalk over the marsh that led up to the river.. and the weather was perfect. And where we stayed I had my own room, which was wonderful and I just love waking up and there being actual PEOPLE in the house, even if some are for some reason shirtless and looking a little under the influence… that was an awkward moment. Goodness gracious it was awkward.
But like, for dinner, we had seven people. It was awesome. You see, I want seven people in my family. It’s either seven or just me. And I refuse to live alone, so I have to be in some sort of relationship just out of necessity. And if I end up having to deal with another person and have them deal with me, well you just have to add children into that mix, right? Because otherwise it’s just too monotonous, too boring to continue for extended periods of time. And one child just won’t do. Focusing all of your attention on just one child? Now that’s unfortunate. Two is cliché, and no one wants to be the picture perfect two adults, two children and a dog. EXCEPT FOR EVERYONE. I don’t know what I have against the number 3, but now that I think of it, that may be a good alternate solution. 4 is an ugly number. But 5?!? Now that promises an interesting life.

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