Monday, February 15, 2010


One of my least favorite forms of art is poetry. Some people like to assume that when your an “artist” that automatically make you a GOD at all things creativity related. Well I have some advise for those people and its that when you assume you make a donkey out of you and me. If that little ditty went right over your head all I can say is think about it and get back to me later because this is a class assignment and I don’t have the luxury of spelling it out for you. Yet, back to poems my issue with them is that their so expressive with words and such. I have a hard time expressing myself that way because actions just make so much more sense. I mean people can say anything but doing something is a whole different story. I mean even primal noises: crying, grunting, screaming, yawning are things that express far more than words and there normally accompanied by a physical reaction. I mean don’t get me wrong some transcendentalist poems are truly beautiful and moving; but anything other than that (especially love poems) are a form of creativity I have a lack of appreciation for. It’s like the easy way out.

I mean think about poetry; poems are like lyrics and some people say that they can’t express their feelings with words so they’ll put it them into a song but by writing lyrics to a song your putting your feelings into words and that in itself is why I lose respect for poetry. It’s like saying I can’t actually show you how I feel because of a number of excuses that don’t really mean anything and so I’m going to express in away that I myself can barely understand. Poems to humanity what lyrics are to songs; mostly a huge disgrace. Poems there unnecessary in the large scheme of things because words kind of are too. When modernism came around people were beginning to understand the harsh realizations of this world and they over looked a major one. That eventually emotions will over come all common sense and no amount of words will be able to explain a person’s actions. If you watch a dance compared to listening to a song or reading a story it’ll be easy to see the dance expresses everything so simplistically that words couldn’t even attempt to reach that level.

I am excited about this new unit; while I am not sure I really understand a single things that happened in As I Lay Dying I can’t wait to have it explained to me as we go along. I’ve been meaning to read the Great Gatsby for years and I am glad I’m finally getting the chance to do that. Yet, inside I feel like I am going to like As I Lay Dying a lot more than the Great Gatsby so we’ll see how this goes. I mean the worse that could happen is that I hate both novels and I never read them. It won’t be a huge ordeal and I am more than certain I’ll get over it.

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