Monday, February 15, 2010


Again, I have no idea what to talk about in this blog. My last one was supposed to be about class related topics but I kind of rambled off of topic. So, now I suppose I will just ramble on some more.
I do not really understand the recent craze over the movie Avatar. Although I have not seen the recent box office hit, I do not see what all the hype is about. It quite honestly looks childish and stupid. I also heard Dear John was a flop of a movie which is very disappointing but I will probably still go see it sooner or later.
Georgia Southern this past weekend was very fun but I literally have gotten only eight hours of sleep this entire weekend. I am actually about to fall asleep right now while typing. I ended up having to sleep on the floor and now I have a gigantic purple bruise on my hip. Conveniently I have been hitting that hip on everything around me and that just feels fantastic.
I have been working on my physics project all day and I am about to quit the class. Mr. Gabel decided it would be a good idea to have us make instruments as a way to learn about sound. Apparently Gabel has never made an instrument himself. While working on my guitar today, I had three sets of strings break. I am currently down to my last four strings which is all I need to play the song but if I mess up one more time I am out of strings. Not only did we have to build our own instrument but we have to play a song on it in front of the whole class in a band that we picked ourselves. If one person messes up the whole group will get penalized for it! I have a very bad feeling that I am going to be the one to get stage fright and mess everything up. I do not do very well under pressure.
While building this dreaded guitar, I have cut three of my fingers with wire. My dad drilled into his finger and five minutes ago he also cut his finger with a saw. Mr. Gabel said we were not supposed to spend money on this project. However, the only money we will be spending will be on hospital bills getting fingers reattached most likely. Also, if I break another string I will have to spend another seven dollars on a pack of strings when I only need one type. This project will be the death of me it is ridiculous.
I can not wait for this school year to be over; it has been so depressing. The days are so long and so far this year five people my family is friends with have died. I can not wait to get out of school and get to the pool. That rhymed even though I did not mean for it to.

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