Sunday, February 21, 2010

Journal 7A
Robert Overholt

A four day weekend is great and all, but when it is followed by three tests the day you return it is not so great. Tuesday was a rough day, to say the least. The day started off okay in AP Lang, but took a quick turn South. Due to the long weekend of relaxation, I felt like I had to work extra hard in weight training that day. I went all out in the weight room during second period then was off to AP Statistics. Exhausted, I could not remember any statistical formulas or anything. Conveniently, I had a test. That test was rough…
Off to AP Calculus where I had another test. There is no such thing as an easy calculus test. After a difficult statistics test I had no idea how I was going to make it through another exam. The test took over an hour and a half. When the first bell rang to let us out to lunch, the entire class remained in their desks diligently working. Slowly but not surely, people finished up and exited the classroom without speaking a word. It was…what is the word I’m looking for… IMPOSSIBLE! I am just oh so excited to take the AP Exam in Calculus. I better get at least a four or else my mom will kill me! Plus, my brother got a five on the exam and I am extremely competitive. Anything he does I have to do better. We’re tight…it’s all good.
The rest of the week went by rather smoothly. Wednesday seemed non-existent. The day was easy because I had a test in practically every class the day before. Thursday was a good day. My basketball team had our first region game at Columbia High School in DeKalb. We got out of school early to depart to our four o’clock game against Clarkston High School. This team only had three wins on the season. We were highly favored in this game. The team was better than expected, but we managed to pull of the victory in overtime. We were pumped after the win. Two more wins and we were headed to the state playoffs. Friday’s game, however, was a wake up call. We played Washington High School. This team was the number two seed in the region bracket, and had about twelve wins. That is solid in such a difficult region. We started off the game pumped up. The score was somewhat manageable for the first three minutes. Then, out of nowhere, their team took off. They were a short team, but extremely fast. It felt like every time you would turn around, one of them would be right up on you scrapping for the ball. Their aggressiveness was something that we had never seen before and the game got out of hand quickly at that point.
Our hopes of getting to the state playoffs were shattered. This team was the real deal… or so we thought. It turns out that the next day, Washington got beat by twenty points against an even more impressive Druid Hills High School. I can’t even imagine what they would do to us if we played them.
Lacrosse starts on Monday. I’m pumped to start the season but skeptical as what this new sport has to offer. The first game is Tuesday. You’ll hear about it next week.

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