Sunday, February 28, 2010

Journal Entry 3/1/10

This past week we had 3 soccer games for JCHS in the 2010 Inaugeration Cup for all the new schools hosted by Lambert. We won our first two games, 1-0 and 10-1 but in our Saturday night game against Lambert we lost in overtime 2-1. It was a well fought game though and we played pretty well. I have been battling some sort of sickness the past couple days and havent really fully recovered from that so for the game I was forced to load up on some meds. Fortunately my massive dosage of acetometaphin was effective enough to keep my throat feeling good for a solid 90 minutes. That was our first real test against a good team and we held our own pretty well so I think we should have a successful season and were already 3-1 which isnt bad for a first year school in AAA. I got checked out of school early on Thursday and went in late on Friday because I was feeling horrible but this weekend has allowed me to rest up and I'm not feeling as bad as I did. On Saturday I was roaming around my house and saw this workout thing that neither me nor my dad ever use but it actually is a nice piece of equipment so I decided to test my luck and put it up on craigslist. Sure enough someone called me today and wanted to come pick it up for a hefty two hundred bucks; now that is a solid deal. I love liquidating my stuff. Recently I've been selling a lot of my old stuff on there and you can make absolute bank. I sold my old phone, some really nice headphones, and an old iPod. It's always nice to have some extra cash in my pocket considering I am always broke, and with Spring Break coming up I need to start collecting some funds for the trip.
On Friday night I went to see the new movie Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio and it was a great film. The movie starts out with two US Marshals that go to Shutter Island, a sort of Alcatraz for the mentally incapable, searching for a missing woman. A storm leaves the men trapped on the freaky island and tons of weird, bad things start happening to them. Eventually the plot is completely twisted at the end and it is nothing like the audience suspected to happen. Whoever wrote that movie had to have the most creative mindset because it truly is a creative plot line. Overall though, I really enjoyed it and I encourage anyone to go see it. I'd love to know what Mr. Glenn thought about it because I can see him either really liking it or thinking that it was horrible. We only have like a month until Spring Break now and I am so pumped; I have the official countdown in my agenda. And after that, we only have like 6 weeks until summer and then senior year and then college; man does life fly by.

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