Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Week

(This post is from last week and since I had already written I figured, hey, why waste it?)

Mr. Glenn that work you gave us today to do with the sub was ridiculous. It took forever. This week has been so incredibly long. I have woken up twice this week already thinking it was Friday morning. I alarm would go off and I would get so excited! Then, I realize wow it is only Thursday. I really don’t know what to write about but I am trying to use this entry as the class entry.

This week we read an essay by Joan Didion entitled “Self-Respect”. Honestly, I barely remember what I read or what it was about. The essay was extremely boring and I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over. The only exception is the Indian (Native American) part. She talked about for a whole paragraph about something about how they came in to her house and her dad and mom did not even notice or something…? I am really not sure. You were right. When I saw that it was only three pages long I was happy about that. However, once I began reading I realized that it was probably her publisher that made it only three pages because there is no way anyone would have read it if it was longer. It was probably one of the worst readings we have had to read so far this year. Hopefully I will not jinx myself by saying that and we will get something even worse tomorrow.

The close reading was also a toughy. It was even worse that we had that assignment today. It was very draining first thing in the morning.

I decided to try and get these blogs done early this week because I know this weekend I am going to be too tired and too busy to get them done. Tonight I am baby sitting, tomorrow I am working after school, Saturday I am working from ten until two, and finally Saturday night I am baby sitting for I think six hours. This weekend is going to be crazy…and not in a good way.

I also have to finish editing my paper. I got most of that done in computer applications today, though. I liked doing the peer editing thing this week and the week before because it really helped getting the advice for my writing from my peers. I also appreciate you editing the papers because it helped a lot.

I am so tired right now. This week has been the longest week ever. Next week is going to be a lot better because it is only going to be four days long. Also, on Thursday, Jessie gets her braces off and I am excited to go with her to get them off! I know she can not wait and I am just as excited for her. Hopefully my mom will let me skip computer class and let me go with her! Keep your fingers crossed Mr. Glenn. Also, on Friday Jessie and I get to go down to Georgia Southern!

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