Sunday, February 21, 2010

& the curtain closes

What am I supposed to do after school? Unlike normal high school students, I have no idea what I am supposed to do with a free day after school. The last time I had a day off of activities I stayed at school anyways because I didn’t know where to go. Now that the musical is done I honestly have no idea what I am to do.
This whole rehearsal process was a trip. To start out with a partner that quits before we even started was not encouraging. However, it all worked out for the best like all shows always do. The thing I will miss the most is getting to act on a daily basis. Acting is something that is a true passion that I have slowly fallen deeper and deeper for. For me, the most rewarding thing in acting is that you can never act wrong. It all is dependant on what point of view a character is interpreted. This art also never hinders growth in an actor. The feeling of improvement or more strongly connecting with your character is unexplainable.
I enjoyed every second of this production and I wish I was able to bond closer with my fellow cast mates earlier. Some of them I have been bonded with since before I can even remember. Saying goodbye to all of the seniors this year was hard. I have grown up with Taylor and performed in half of the shows he managed with Fossum and been close friends with him for even longer. Rachel has been such an amazing friend and an even more impactful inspiration. Travis, Chris, and Andrew I have grown up with and grown close to over this past year especially because of the comfort we sought in each other at a new school. Realizing this would be our last Fossum show as a bunch was a hard realization I had to digest.
Despite all the depressing matters, dramatic backstage, and the stomach virus that never quit, the cast pulled through and together we performed a memorable show for the school. I was extremely proud and honored to be the role I was but I was even more grateful for getting to learn from the directors and choreographers that I did. Coming from Chattahoochee a well rounded team of producers was unheard of for a cast. I feel that I grew immensely as a performer and it refreshed my love for performing. Not to mention, the crowd Saturday night was prime and was a phenomenal way to end the show. Overall I think a reunion is in need. The only thing I will not miss is getting farted on by Grant, and even that is not really a negative just a preference.

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