Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Entry

With the longer weekend I a good bit to write about, but also I pretty much have no idea what I will write about for the class entry because it was so long ago. But I will just worry about that later I guess.
Our story starts on Friday after baseball practice. I went straight to my friend's house to mess around before the trip. On this retreat we had been planning a high quality prank for about a month before the trip. Of course we had the usual( fireworks, silly string, shaving cream) but we wanted something better than that. So we decided we would shoot squirrels and freeze them to carry up to the camp to hang them up outside the cabin of the girls. Going into Friday we had only one squirrel but early that day Andrew came up big and bowed two others to put in the freezer. Before we were going to leave though we hoped to get maybe one more, so we all grabbed our pellet guns and went hunting behind his yard. Sadly we didn't see any squirrels but we were pumped about the trip.
I go back to my house to pack up all my clothes and get ready to head over to the church. We thought to get there early so that we could get the best seats on the bus but we soon found out that that would not be something to worry about...We checked in at about 3:10 PM. The buses were planned to arrive at 3:30 but because of the great snow that was falling this became very hard. We sat and we sat and we sat...FOR TWO HOURS WE SAT in the church waiting for the buses. Sometimes we would run out in the snow for a little bit but eventually we had to go back in because it was way too cold. We like I said, we had waited two hours and then the youth leaders made an announcement that the event had been cancelled. Both the buses and the backup buses had not shown up and we had given up. We all were about to pack up our stuff and go to one of our friend's house when the buses showed up. It was really crazy. If the buses were another ten minutes late there would have been no one there. But, we now were going on the trip once again! We quickly grabbed our stuff and loaded it onto the bus and grabbed the two tables in the back.
But the fun was far from over. As usual, getting out of this town on a holiday weekend was as much fun as anyone could've hoped for; and I'm sure the snow and ice just made it all the better. But, we did not run into serious trouble until later. About halfway through what should've been a three hour bus ride we hit a brick wall. Not literally. Literally we ran into traffic that blocked all lanes for a solid hour and a half. We did not move a single inch during this time. Because of this additional wait the other bus broke down and that cost us more time. In the end what was to be a 3 hour trip turned into a 7 hour one. That along with a 3 hour wait on the front end put us way behind schedule; pulling into camp at 1:30. But none of that mattered because we were there.

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