Monday, February 15, 2010

The Elite

We are the Elite and you will never get this.”- Troupe 7451

This weekend I went to ThesCon and I had one of the most interesting experiences of my life. In all honesty up until earlier last week I wasn’t really convinced that I wanted to go. I mean the idea of having to leave my wonderfully comfy room for musty cold one; in order to spend my weekend at a Thespian Convention didn’t really float my boat. Yet, there isn’t one thing about this weekend that I would change. I would even watch the worst plays in the history of plays, The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno, again as long as I had my same show buddy with me. You never realize how important your company is until your thrown into a situation where the suffering is so immense that their presence and equal suffering makes you feel a little better.

Better than my company were the three count them THREE workshops I got to take. I find it interesting that the only two workshops I took started with two really intense meditations that literally rocked my world. I don’t know why but I always find it surprising when I experience a really amazing meditation outside of a yoga/spiritual center. Back to the workshops though I think my favorite one was “The Natural Actor” workshop I took. It was really intense and the woman chose me and my partner to often act in front of the class and it was definitely nerve racking. One of my insecurities when it comes to my acting is that I am afraid that I am not natural enough on stage; like that my instincts are off and that I am just awkward to watch. I like that the class used sense memory as part of it’s technique to act realistically. While I didn’t enjoy it when I was introduced to it before, since it totally doesn’t go with the idea of “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances,” I found it okay this time.

My favorite instructor was Ray Horn a man who I was far to quick to judge. His thick Georgia accent and homely old man exterior had me questioning; but by the end of the class not only did I realize that he had really nice blue eyes but that he was also really funny and totally knowledgeable. He described the pain of watching the audition of a really bad actor who thinks their good and the realization that that person is really giving it the best they can. He was witty and brought up audition scenarios that guys and girls a like can take advise from. I found that when I am hypocritical in my actions that the universe has no problem reminding me that all people have something worthy of hearing.

This weekend was personal in a lot of ways and while there’s a lot that can be said I feel like it shouldn’t be. I am excited to know that I have new forgotten memory that’s clearly fading from my hands. ThesCon was an experience I am glad I've had.

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