Tuesday, February 16, 2010

great gatsby

At the current moment, I am eating a bag of m&ms. Not just a small bag, but a rather large bag. As in those bags that have that little circle with the word LARGE inscribed within it. I have to say, The Great Gatsby reminds me a whole lot of Harry Potter. Why, you ask? Because I compare everything to Harry Potter. Even Sonic Youth. And let me tell you, Sonic Youth doesn’t compare with a whole lot (Except maybe some really bad Radiohead mixed in with The Sundays). This bag of m&ms is slowly dwindling.
Now, you see, Gatsby is like Dumbledore, he’s mysterious and only visibly close to one person (Nick), let me clarify “close” for a moment. By “close”, I mean he seems to take a liking to him and confides random things to him. Also, he’s obsessed with one person. Guess who Dumbledore is obsessed with?? VOLDEMORT. Now, I understand the obsessions aren’t the same, I don’t think Dumbledore ever wanted to impress or marry Voldemort but hey, I’m pretty sure JK Rowling said that Dumbledore was gay, so it’s not like it’s absolutely implausible.
I’m drawing a blank on any other comparisons. Jordan is like Hermione. This may be a stretch. Like Nick starts to go after her, if I recall, but it just doesn’t work out? And I’m pretty sure Harry had a thing for Hermione before he met that Asian girl. Yeah, I just compared Nick to Harry. Now this comparison doesn’t really work so well considering Harry is obviously the main character of Harry Potter, whereas Nick is more of an innocent bystander who isn’t terribly involved in the main gist of the story. I’d say he’s more like a narrator that just happened to be there to say “oh hey, this is a fantastic story about OTHER people…” whereas Harry is more like “GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME THE OTHER DAY!”
Now this is just terrible, I have 150 words left and absolutely nothing to say! I’m being stalked, that’s always fun. I’m not so much of a fan of people who are like “hey, let’s hang out ;););)” and I’m like “ha no thanks” and they’re like “WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ME ITS BECAUSE IM SO SENSITIVE” and I reply “why do you think you have all these issues?!” and ohhhhhhhh things ended up taking a wrong turn and now I’m confused and bewildered and kind of sick. Because that’s what happens when weird creepy things such as this occur, I get sick. This blog is riddled with terrible grammar, I apologize it’s just that it’s 7:05 in the morning and I am attempting to write this while eating my cereal, which is not as good as usual by the way, and then I have to take my sister to school and stop to check up on somebody…. Let’s just say I may be a little late today. TEN MORE WORDS I’M BASICALLY DONE. There.

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