Monday, February 15, 2010

Poetry: A lost art?

So poetry, I was never really a fan I must say. This week was all poetry and usually that would have been a nightmare for me, but it actually went pretty well. I actually kind of enjoyed it. I’ve never been much of a poet and have never been able to come up with rhyming lines, or even free-lance, things to say that people would enjoy. But this week for some reason I was able to come up with things pretty quickly and they actually sounded good. Surprising, I know. I think I liked my modernistic poem the best, it was called “I was just thinking of the orange,” I think it was an orange, I forgot which fruit I used, but it was something like that and it was a good poem, high quality. The orange, or some fruit, was all alone and I ate it and it was just a great poem. The modernistic poems we studied were weird, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t really understand how something so simple could have made it so far, but it did. I guess that should give me some hope in my poem writing ability, but I guess I don’t really need that hope because I have no intentions of becoming a famous poet, or even a poet at all for that matter. I guess it’s always good to have the experience- you should want to be well-rounded. But anyways, these poems, they were crazy, though I really did like the sound “Rhapsody in Blue” (I think that was the title). It was a really interesting piece and I actually want to go buy it on iTunes because I enjoyed it and what I really wanted to do was sit there with my eyes closed and just listen to it, but then it would look like I was sleeping so that wasn’t gonna work out. I liked the different emotions felt while listening to it. It’s like it had an attitude, and I think writing a poem to go along with it helped me identify those emotions. To teenagers these days songs are a lot more effective way to get your point or to bring about and show emotion. We’re not really used to poetry and we need that catchy beat to keep our attention. Even when the song it 17 minutes long it still kept my attention, but if that had a been a poem you could have bet money that I would have been long gone by the end of that thing. I guess poems were quite the thing back in the day, but now-a-days they’re just aren’t quite as popular. I mean I don’t even know the name of a famous modern day poet because I just really don’t think there is such a career anymore. Oh well, it’s a lost art but I don’t really know if that’s a bad thing or not. I guess that was kind of harsh, but it’s a harsh world.

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