Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Class Entry

This past week in AP Language Arts we started this unit called modernism which supposedly demands more from the readers. I do not really like this unit because the readings are more difficult and usually end with the reader pondering about what he or she just read. The poem such as the Red Wheelbarrow was very interesting because it might have represented the simple things in life are just as important as what people believe to be so called bigger things. Some people also thought how the poem was shaped like actual wheelbarrow also added significance to the story. Then we had to write a poem based on the style of that writer. I remember writing about the simple things in life in my poem as well.
We also had to listen to this seventeen minute song called Rhapsody and blue which was very amusing. The beats of this song would keep on speeding up really fast and then slowing down again. They also would keep getting louder and softer as the beats slowed down and sped up. The song was actually not that bad in my opinion; something to listen to when you want to relax. It put me in this mood of relaxation and it helped me write the poem that we had to write about the song with ease. My poem just describes voices getting loud and soft and slower and faster toned again. I remember my poem having five stanzas consisting of some end rhyming schemes.
We also started reading this book called The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I do not mind reading this book at all. It is about a jazz musician however it is told through the point of view of another man. He lives in West Egg a wealthy part of New York; however the wealthier part of New York where his cousin Daisy lives is called East Egg. He goes to his friend’s house for dinner. His friends name is Tom and he is currently married to his cousin Daisy. Daisy is still in love with Gatsby however Tom Bucchanon does not know this yet. Tom is an extreme white supremacist and loves reading this book that talks about white power and the dominant white race. They also have a guest over the night during dinner named Jordan Baker. She is a famous women’s golfer and Daisy tells Nate to flirt with her. Nate does not yet flirt with her because I think he was not in the mood. Nate’s dad also told him never to judge any one because they have not been given the same privileges that he had been given when he was a kid. I agree with that statement. We also had to read a book called As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner where the characters in the story have to bury there mom. I would be very weary if I were put in that situation. I would not have the emotional strength to be able to bury my own mother. I like both books and look forward to reading more of them this upcoming week.

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