Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entry #2

***I showed you my flash drive in the morning, and you gave me the OK

This weekend, I saw a Spongebob episode. It was about squeaky boots, and it was a spoof of Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. This might sound silly, but it was actually pretty good. I think I appreciate it now more than before because I understand what it means now. Yet, maybe I appreciated it before when I just liked the dumb humor that was in that eleven minute episode. Either way, I’m going to summarize the episode right now.

It starts off with Pearl’s birthday party. All of the girls have these new shoes called Flipper Flips or something, and when Mr. Krabs gives Pearl her present, she expects it to be those shoes. Yet, it turns out to be a pair of squeaky fishing boots that Krabs bought at a discount. Of course. The scene ends with her friends laughing at Pearl about her new boots. It was pretty embarrassing on Pearl’s part, I’m sure.

Later, Krabs manages to get Spongebob to receive the boots instead of his paycheck. Of course, Spongebob offers more than his paycheck for the boots, but Mr. Krabs tells him to stop offering because he was worried he might get a heart attack.

Spongebob loves his new boots (Mr. Krabs told him that they were famous boots for only the best fry cooks), and Spongebob keeps making squeaking sounds with his boots. Squidward shows his frustration very early, but to Mr. Krabs, it’s just the sound of money.

Later that night, Mr. Krabs has trouble falling asleep. He counts money in his sleep but he keeps hearing the squeaky boots. He figures out that it’s his window that’s making him keep waking up. Mr. Krabs tries to shut the window (and breaks both legs in the process), but he can’t close the window shut and has a very bad night.

The next day, Squidward tells Mr. Krabs that he is going to leave because of Spongebob’s squeaky boots. Spongebob keeps walking around and makes the squeaky noises. However, Mr. Krabs starts to get irritated from the noise. The noise keeps haunting Krabs, until he finally has enough of it. He decides to sneak over to Spongebob’s house (pineapple) and takes the boots (I guess that it would not have been appropriate for Mr. Krabs to kill Spongebob, though that would have made the episode even more like the Tell-Tale Heart). The audience can see a silhouette of a chuckling Krabs that scurries towards the Krusty Krabs with the boots.

The next day, Spongebob rushes into the Krusty Krabs bawling. He says that he lost the boots and that he wasn’t ready for them yet. Although Krabs feels slightly guilty about the boots incident, he just lives with it. However, he starts hearing things. When people talk to him, he keeps hearing the squeaky boots. In fact, everything starts sounding like the squeaky boots. Mr. Krabs yells out and screams (this isn’t the exact quote) “I’ve had enough! I’ll admit it. I took the boots and hid them under the floorboards( very much like the Tell-Tale Heart, right?).” Finally, Krabs shrinks the boots and eats them in order to stop hearing them. However, the episode ends with him making squeaky noises when he hiccups.

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